Laser Hair Removal

Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machines

October 18, 2019

Do you struggle with unwanted body hair? Do you often find yourself spending an excessive amount of time and money on shaving products, waxing services, and tweezing? Many people are now turning to laser hair removal as a cost effective and permanent solution to unwanted body hair. However, as laser...

Can Blondes Get Laser Hair Removal? 

September 25, 2019

The answer is yes blondes can get laser hair removal!  There are different lasers used for different types of skin and hair colour. Traditionally a laser’s heat source is more enticed by pigment found in darker hair.  Cut to current times, where there are now specifically developed...

LightSheer DUET Laser for Hair Removal

July 25, 2019

Safe hair removal with LightSheer DUET Are you struggling with unwanted body hair? You may be overwhelmed with the variety of options available, such as shaving, waxing, plucking or different types of laser hair removal. Many are left wondering, where do I even begin? At IGBeauty Laser & Skin...

The Nd:YAG Laser for Laser Hair Removal

July 22, 2019

Laser Hair Removal with the Nd:YAG laser Many men and women struggle with excess hair they want to remove, requiring costly and time-consuming shaving or waxing treatments. Laser hair removal is an outstanding option for long-lasting, precise and safe hair removal by professionals. Learn more...

How to Get Painless Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

March 11, 2019

Are you wondering how to get painless laser hair removal in Toronto? With IGBeauty Laser & Skin Clinic, the days of painful and unpleasant laser procedures are long in the past! Now, anyone can enjoy long-term hair removal on any part of their bodies, regardless of sex, age, or skin and hair...

5 Reasons to Go to a Laser Skin Clinic in Toronto

February 13, 2019

If you are in search of an effective long-term hair removal solution, you may want to consider visiting IGBeauty - a professional laser skin clinic in Toronto. With laser hair removal from IGBeauty Laser & Skin Clinic, you can forget about endless shaving, plucking, or waxing. It’s...

The Technology Behind Laser Hair Removal

January 28, 2019

Are you tired of constant shaving, waxing, and tweezing in a vain attempt to remove undesired body hair? Are you searching for an alternative, and, most importantly, long-lasting solution? If so, you would be interested to learn about the technology behind laser hair removal – the advanced...

Underarm Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

January 14, 2019

Many women will shave or wax their armpits hundreds, if not thousands, of times throughout their lives. It’s time to abandon this tedious task and throw away the razors with underarm laser hair removal in Toronto. With professional laser hair removal services from IGBeauty Laser & Skin...

Why Laser Hair Removal in Toronto Takes Multiple Sessions

December 17, 2018

What if we told you that unwanted body hair, never-ending razor burns, and painful plucking or waxing procedures can be left in the past with professional laser hair removal in Toronto from IGBeauty Laser & Skin Clinic? Unlike shaving, chemical hair removers, or plucking, laser hair removal...

How to Prepare for Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

December 14, 2018

For many women, a fuzzy upper lip can not only cause frustration and embarrassment, but turn into a lifelong battle with unwanted facial hair. Out of the variety of hair removal methods out there, from shaving to depilatory creams, upper lip laser hair removal stands out as the only permanent...

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