Why Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is Trending in Toronto 2024

May 13, 2024

With the bustling popularity of the city of Toronto, trends come and go. It seems that Brazilian laser hair removal is here to stay. Compared to conventional hair removal methods, laser hair removal in Toronto offers revolutionary results, including long-lasting results, minimal irritation, and little maintenance. Explore our services at IGBeauty, a skin care clinic in Toronto that helps you feel more confident in your body. Our team comprises trained medical professionals and specialized technicians who ensure optimal results. 

Learn why Brazilian laser hair removal is the talk of the town in Toronto below. 

Benefits of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Why Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is Trending in Toronto 2024If you are tired of shaving once a week or waxing every few weeks, Brazilian laser hair removal is for you. With this cutting-edge technology, notice semi-permanent results. Many patients see a significant difference in hair growth after their first appointment. For the best results, it's crucial to complete your treatment, which will be determined during your consultation before your appointments. The laser also helps if you experience ingrown hairs. These occur when the hair follicles grow back but fail to penetrate the skin, creating bumps. Not only does laser hair removal prevent them, but it can also help eliminate existing ones. Professional laser hair removal in Toronto helps to create a seamless and painless procedure; however, the laser is typically a pain-free treatment, as it doesn't cause skin trauma like other methods. However, patients often experience discomfort up to 48 hours after each appointment. 

Why Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is Trending in Toronto

As summer is just around the corner, Torontonians are going to start populating the beaches in and around the city. It gets pretty busy because we only have a few months to enjoy it. We want to look our best when walking around in our bikinis and swim trunks. If you are frequently at the beach, you don't want to have to shave or wax each time you go out, as that can lead to skin irritation. Brazilian laser hair removal is an excellent alternative as it minimizes the visibility of hair, especially if there is a significant contrast in your skin and hair colour. As a society, keeping good hygiene includes staying well-groomed. As laser hair removal is a growing phenomenon, skin care clinics in Toronto are starting to see a lot of new faces as new patients are learning about the benefits of this treatment. 

The Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Process

The Brazilian laser hair removal treatment consists of multiple sessions, typically 2-6 sessions, depending on your hair growth and the targeted area of hair. During your first appointment, your technician will go over the procedure and the potential risks, as well as answer any of your questions. Once the briefing is complete, your technician will begin. Be sure to come prepared with loose-fitting clothes for after your session to allow the treated area to breathe. Additionally, it's suggested that you come shaven for the laser to accurately target the follicles from under the skin. You will be given a set of protective glasses to protect your eyes from the laser. A handheld device will be aimed at the targeted area, where the laser is emitted onto the skin. The laser is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, and it damages the hair follicle underneath the skin. Because it is damaged from the root of the follicle, this stunts or delays hair growth. After your session, you may experience redness and tenderness, as well as shedding of the hair, which is all normal. Be sure to avoid direct sun exposure and heavy chemical creams, as this can irritate the skin. 

Why IGBeauty is the Best Choice for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

IGBeauty is a leading skincare clinic in Toronto, offering services that range from laser hair removal to injections to boost your confidence and provide you with the best results. Our staff has over 10 years of experience, certified and trained in various fields. Our laser technicians are trained to provide you with the utmost professionalism and peace of mind that you are getting treated by experienced and knowledgeable professionals. We also use the latest technology and equipment to ensure our patients get the best care quality. We also take the time to sit down with each patient to create personalized treatment plans to fit your needs and work around your schedule. 

Laser Hair Removal in Toronto with IGBeauty

If you find yourself looking for a new hair removal method that is noninvasive and provides long-lasting results, contact IGBeauty today to inquire about our laser hair removal services. Hop on the laser hair removal trend and be summer-ready all the time! Call us today to book a consultation with one of our trained professionals.

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