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Medically Advanced Skin Care Straightforward, easy to use and effective medically supervised skin care is the hallmark of the Biophora system. Biophora is formulated on the principle that technically advanced skin care doesn’t have to be a regimen of expensive and complex steps to attain healthy, toned and more youthful looking skin.


Rhonda Allison

Rhonda Allison Skin Nutrition blends the best of active natural ingredients with highly beneficial, scientifically developed compounds to create superior treatments that will transform the condition of your skin, bringing it to its optimum potential for health and beauty. It’s only natural to want healthier, more youthful skin – and by blending science and nature, it’s possible. Since everyone’s skin is different, and in fact changes over time, your therapist will create a treatment plan customized just for you.


Holy Land

The superior quality and effectiveness of Holy Land Cosmetics products, coupled with the ability to combine products from different lines, enables cosmetologists to provide special treatments for a wide range of skin problems, allowing customers to enjoy improved appearance of their skin and its rejuvenation over time. These unequivocal advantages are also the reason that cosmetologists and dermatologists around the world chose to work with Holy Land Cosmetics products.


Yon Ka

From roots to seeds, over 130 plants (1) from the lands and seas of the entire world are used to compose Yon-Ka products and contribute to their effectiveness through targeted phyto-aromatic active ingredients:

  • from aromatherapy to aromachology (2), the spearheads of the brand, essential oils deliver their volatile scented molecules to the powerful physiological and psychotherapeutic actions;
  • from phytotherapy to gemmotherapy (3), the titrated and objectified extracts of the plants are used: peptides, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, polyphenols, AHAs, BHAs and more reinforce and enrich the formulas and effectiveness of the products.

Yon-Ka accentuates the complementarity of these renowned sciences.



Since 1982, the Christina Company has been developing specialized skincare products for healthier and younger looking skin. Utilizing powerful ingredients and advanced technology Christina provides the cosmetic professional with over 300 comprehensive products, for a wide range of skin conditions from mild to severe. Christina’s commitment to ongoing R&D in advanced skin treatments puts them at the forefront of the skincare industry constantly developing new and improved skincare solutions.


Natural Indulgence

NATURAL INDULGENCE harnesses the benefits of nature with essential Oil elixirs created from ingredients that are primarily 100% natural in origin. NATURAL INDULGENCE formulas contain high quality Natural Ingredients. Each ingredient is thoroughly researched and blended to work with specific skin conditions for optimal efficacy. Each product is designed to nurture skin and foster natural beauty and well being.


Laura Natural Soap

Laura Natural Soap extend the natural benefits of our products by blending various all-natural additives such as dried herbs and flowers, goat milk powder, apricot shells, essential oils, vitamins. The sophisticated combinations of best ingredients found in Nature bring special qualities and therapeutic benefits to our all-natural skin care products. In fact, each soap in our collection bears unique essential properties, has a charming scent and an absolutely gorgeous look. That’s why all our products are actually luxurious treats that you can give yourself every day or buy as a gift to someone you love!



Foot care is as individual as the problems which make the lives of your customers and patients more difficult. Reliable help can only be provided if the respective problem is corrected precisely and efficiently. This is done by the wide product range of GEHWOL with the right mix of modern, long proven and natural active substances and recipes. GEHWOL is the classic foot care series. It offers the entire bandwidth of effective modern care. For everyone who wants to do something nice for their feet and legs.


What Our Clients Say:

I found my experience with this company to be very positive. The owner is friendly, makes you feel welcome and actually asks if you would like tea before beginning your procedure! This place is very clean, also smells clean which is a must for me. I would recommend this establishment very highly to my family and friends.


IGBeauty is Excellent salon!!!! Irina is very professional!


Love this salon and everything it has to offer... from European mani & pedi, deep cleansing facials to laser hair removal, therapeutic massages and many more. There seem to be always great products they use, mostly made from natural ingredients...

Elena R.

Very friendly and professional staff!


IGBeauty is an oasis I would like to recommend to everyone who is looking for professional, delicate, and complete skin care. I've been Irina's client for over a year and I am always looking forward for my next visit. Irina is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I had several problematic spots on my face I have been trying to resolve for years. Visited many cosmetic salons in...

Mirjana P.

Love the atmosphere and the service in this salon! More than a year ago I tried hair removal and the result was amazing! I am 100% sure I am not going to switch to any other salons to do hair removal. As well, I tried facials and I am satisfied more than ever with that. Irina is very knowledgeable about the products she used and she explains every step in the process so you don't have to worry...

Anastasia Y.


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