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When you age your facial skin loses its elasticity. There’s a decline in the production of collagen and elastin proteins normally found in the dermis, which are the deep layers of the skin. This causes fine lines and wrinkles to form. At first you may notice some fine lines mostly around your eyes and around the mouth area. Later on these can lead to more pronounced and visible wrinkles.

laser anti aging treatments torontoWhat are the causes of fine lines and wrinkles?

In order for your skin to stay firm and resilient it needs to produce collagen. Collagen also plays a major role in proper wound healing. On the other hand elastin is responsible for your skin retaining its flexibility. This means that when the skin is stretched or compressed it can easily return to its original shape. When people age their collagen and elastin production starts to slow down and these important support systems will weaken and become looser. As a result your skin will be more brittle and loose its elasticity leading to the development of under eye wrinkles and other fine lines. There are also other factors that contribute to fine lines and wrinkles such as your genetics, gender, sun exposure, tobacco use, pronounced facial expressions and poor nutrition.

Who is most likely to develop fine lines and wrinkles?

Unfortunately fine lines and wrinkles are the downside of the typical aging process. Therefore they affect everybody at least to some degree. However, there are some external factors such as sun exposure that can exasperate the aging process. Sun exposure leads to what we call photo-aging as ultraviolet (UVA) light from the sun can break down collagen and elastin. This accounts for the majority of premature skin aging issues. On the other hand smoking can narrow your blood vessels and impede blood flow to the skin, which will cause the skin to become more brittle. Other nutritional deficiencies can also contribute to premature aging of the skin.

How to improve my skin appearance?

Our modern and effective laser penetrates deeply into the layers of the skin to stimulate production of collagen. This treatment will visibly reduce the appearance of many skin conditions such as acne scars, red spots and uneven skin. Afterwards, you will notice a much more vibrant and youthful skin. In addition, it can be used to remove vascular clusters and veins. Another successful use of this treatment is to reduce many visible scars and imperfections.

Our solutions:

IPL and ResurFX combined together can treat both pigmentation issues and skin texture at the same time. 

In combination ResurFX™ and IPL will address the following skin conditions:

  • Acne Scars
  • Traumatic Scars
  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Periorbital Wrinkles
  • Sagging and Folding Skin
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Pore Size Reduction
  • Skin Resurfacing
  • Age Spots
  • Sun Spots
  • Liver Spots
  • Uneven Skin Texture
  • Hands Skin Rejuvenation

Why Lumenis® ResurFX™?

ResurFX™ is a revolutionary and clinically proven skin resurfacing and anti-aging laser system tailored to improve even the earliest signs of aging.

Specifically designed to effectively treat, minimize and reverse the visible signs of aging on your skin.

No need to worry about down time as this treatment can be comfortably performed within a short “lunch time” appointment.

The ResurFX™ Solution

This is a rejuvenation solution used to make the skin look visibly younger producing an appearance of a healthier glow. It is minimally invasive laser that offers very little to no discomfort to the patient. This treatment can easily be performed during business lunchtime therefore replacing the need for down time.

ResurFX™ Technology

The ResurFX™ is a fractional laser with cutting edge, less invasive skin rejuvenation technology. This laser is designed to stimulate the deep layers of the skin to produce new collagen and therefore bring back elasticity to the skin. Studies have shown that creating new collagen is vital to a more radiant and youthful looking skin.

New technology has allowed this laser to be effective with the first pass, therefore eliminating the need for a second application.

With the ResurFX™ we will be able to acquire outstanding results over a course of mutliple treatments. Fantastic results have been achieved with the ResurFX™ mainly due to the laser’s ability to penetrate the skin to the desired depth depending on the condition treated.

The laser is equipped with advanced Cool Scan mode, which protects the skin tissue from heat accumulation and overheating. It applies a cooling sensation to the treated area therefore minimizing the patient’s discomfort. In most cases patients can resume their daily routines right after treatment or the next day.

Why is it best to combine IPL & ResurFX technologies?

In addition, the ResurFX™ treatment can be preceded by the M22 Universal IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Technology. Both methods work together consecutively or individually depending on the present condition of skin damage to be repaired. 

How does the IPL Treatment work?

Normally, the treatment will begin using the Cool Scan mode to minimize the patient’s discomfort. Then the IPL laser is applied to the skin to target pigmentation and discoloration of the skin. Afterwards the ResurFX™ treatment follows with another laser that heats the skin with very minute columns of laser heat energy. This process stimulates new collagen growth and re-texturizes the skin.

The M22 Universal IPL Technology

The M22™ Universal IPL is an Intense Pulse Light laser designed to treat skin issues relating to pigmentation, sun damage and red discoloration due to skin conditions such as rosacea and broken blood vessels.

The M22 Universal IPL is a single and versatile hand piece that comes equipped with 9 Expert Filters that can be tailored to the condition treated. It only takes seconds to switch between filters instead of exchanging them manually.

Combining M22™ Universal IPL and ResurFX™ in one treatment provides a complete rejuvenation therapy. Many skin issues can be addressed at the same time. Both younger and older patients can benefit from this treatment as many skin conditions can be effectively treated by this procedure.

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Laser Anti-Aging & Wrinkles

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