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Following Your Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

You’ve finally found the perfect solution to get rid of your unwanted hair. And you have now successfully gone through at least a few sessions of laser hair removal in Toronto. Unsure what to do in between or after laser sessions? IGBeauty clinic is here to help. After your laser hair removal in Toronto, follow these tips to help minimize any side effects and ensure you’re getting optimal results from your treatment. 

Understanding Normal Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

Because the NEW LightSheer Duet and Gentle Max Pro lasers are targeting and “burning” the follicles of your hair, it’s normal that you may experience some sensitivity to it. Following treatment, you may experience a warm sensation similar to a sunburn and may notice some redness around the treated area. Throughout the first few sessions, these side effects will be more prominent as the hair is still thick, but as you continue with laser hair removal, the hair will thin out and reduce these side effects. 

What To Do Right After Your Laser Appointment

Following your laser appointment, it’s important to wear loose clothing to allow the area to breathe. We also recommend avoiding doing anything that can irritate or block the area from healing properly.  This includes, physically touching the area, exercising, swimming, or using makeup. After 24-48 hours, you can resume normal activities. 

What to Do In Between Laser Sessions 

Because laser hair removal involves 5-7 sessions with around 6-8 weeks in between each session, it’s important to know what to do when you aren’t being treated. In order to keep your skin in top shape following a treatment, we recommend exfoliating the treated area 4-5 days after treatment. Getting rid of dead and dry skin throughout your treatments can minimize the effects of redness and irritation. 

It’s also important to remember to avoid any kind of sun exposure for at least two weeks before and two weeks after treatment. At any other time, always make sure to apply SPF 50 sunscreen. 

Can I Remove Unwanted Hair in Between Sessions?

It’s understandable that once some hair grows back you aren’t going to want to wait six weeks to shave it again. Of course, you can get rid of any unwanted hair in between sessions, but make sure to only shave or use hair removal creams. If you wax or tweeze you can disrupt the laser hair removal process.

Be Prepared for the Laser Hair Removal Cost

If you want to get the most out of your laser hair removal in Toronto, be prepared to commit to several sessions. The cost of laser hair removal may be expensive, but IGBeauty has preset packages and prices to suit your needs. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Following Your Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

Whether you want to be hair-free on your bikini line, face or arms, IGBeauty Skin Care Clinic can help you with all your laser hair removal needs. We use the NEW LightSheer DUET and Gentle Max Pro laser treatments that are both FDA and Health Canada approved. Make sure to follow these steps following and in between laser hair removal sessions to get the most of out your treatment. 

What Our Clients Say:

I found my experience with this company to be very positive. The owner is friendly, makes you feel welcome and actually asks if you would like tea before beginning your procedure! This place is very clean, also smells clean which is a must for me. I would recommend this establishment very highly to my family and friends.


IGBeauty is Excellent salon!!!! Irina is very professional!


Love this salon and everything it has to offer... from European mani & pedi, deep cleansing facials to laser hair removal, therapeutic massages and many more. There seem to be always great products they use, mostly made from natural ingredients...

Elena R.

Very friendly and professional staff!


IGBeauty is an oasis I would like to recommend to everyone who is looking for professional, delicate, and complete skin care. I've been Irina's client for over a year and I am always looking forward for my next visit. Irina is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I had several problematic spots on my face I have been trying to resolve for years. Visited many cosmetic salons in...

Mirjana P.

Love the atmosphere and the service in this salon! More than a year ago I tried hair removal and the result was amazing! I am 100% sure I am not going to switch to any other salons to do hair removal. As well, I tried facials and I am satisfied more than ever with that. Irina is very knowledgeable about the products she used and she explains every step in the process so you don't have to worry...

Anastasia Y.

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