A Step-by-Step Overview of the Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Process

April 30, 2024

Laser hair removal services are a great choice if you are looking for low-maintenance and long-lasting results. That is one of the reasons why this treatment has become so popular over the years. Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure that removes hair from the follicle's root, completely removing or minimizing hair growth. Hair removal services are a personal preference. Therefore, it's best to learn about the entire process before committing. At IGBeauty, we have professionals who are certified technicians who make sure you are in the best hands in terms of care. 

If you want to explore the process of Brazilian laser hair removal, keep reading. 

Preparing for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

A Step-by-Step Overview of the Brazilian Laser Hair Removal ProcessThe first thing to happen if you are considering Brazilian laser hair removal is to consult a professional. They will inform you of possible risks and the treatment plan customized to your lifestyle. Once your appointments are booked, there are steps to take leading up to your appointments: avoid sun exposure, stop other hair removal methods, and avoid products with strong chemicals (AHA and retinoids). Follow the pre-appointment instructions, including shaving 24 hours before your appointment, as this can help the laser accurately remove the follicles.

The Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Process

Depending on the technician, a cooling gel may be applied to the targeted area. They will then use the device that emits the laser onto the skin. The lasers are absorbed by the melanin in the hair, detaching it from underneath the skin. You shouldn't expect any pain throughout the procedure. However, some have described it as small counts of stinging that may cause discomfort. The entire laser hair removal treatment will consist of multiple sessions, the number depending on what is decided at your consultation.

Aftercare for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal 

No downtime is required after your session, so you can return to your everyday tasks. You may have some redness and tenderness in the targeted area, but that should go down within 48 hours. If it persists, contact your technician or medical professional. To ensure proper skin healing in the area, avoid the sun, tight clothing, and excessive heat and use gentle products. Avoid hair removal methods other than shaving between sessions, as it can affect the process.  

Benefits of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal 

Laser hair removal services are very beneficial, especially for busy individuals. The primary benefit is the longevity of the results, as patients notice a significant decrease in hair growth after their complete treatment. In addition, there is a decrease in ingrown hairs because the follicles are targeted from the roots. 

Risks and Side Effects of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal 

There are always risks associated with cosmetic procedures. Though not common with the right care, possible risks include skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, blistering, crusting, change in skin texture, and scarring. All in all, these risks are quite mild and temporary, but your technician will give you an overview of the risks in detail either during the consultation or at your appointment. 

Choosing the Right Professional for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

When choosing your technician, be sure to check their credentials. That includes certification and the history of the company and the individual. Also, consult before-and-after photos to see if their services are effective. Cost is also a big part of the scouting process, and you want to ensure you stay within your budget. Laser hair removal services can come with a hefty price, so ensure the quality of the service matches the price. 

IGBeauty for Your Laser Hair Removal Services

IGBeauty is a leading skin care clinic that provides laser hair removal services. With advanced technology, our certified professionals will ensure you are comfortable in and out of the office. 

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