How Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Gets You Ready for The Beach

March 13, 2024

Dreaming of lying on the beach and soaking up the sun's rays? Don't forget to prepare with IGBeauty, Toronto's preferred skin care clinic. Due to the amount of skin shown in the summertime and on the beach, hair removal is a vital part of beach preparation. Brazilian laser hair removal is the ultimate solution for unwanted hair stress. Laser hair removal provides long-lasting results and a painless procedure, leaving patients with clear, smooth skin to flaunt in their favourite swimsuits. IGbeauty is a laser clinic in Toronto that aims to help patients feel more comfortable in their own skin by offering services to rid their skin of any imperfections, from unwanted hair to wrinkles and dark spots. 

Read on to learn how to get beach-ready with laser hair removal. 

How Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Works

How Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Gets You Ready for The BeachWith the gain in popularity, laser hair removal has become a well-known procedure. In summary, a laser is presented to the targeted area and focuses on removing the hair follicles from the root, under the skin, to stunt its growth. Technicians advise patients to shave at least 24 hours prior to their appointment in order to target those roots. With hairs in the way, it will target the hair above the skin, causing it to regrow. Scheduling your appointments depends on the growth cycle of your hair; therefore, consulting with a professional before starting your treatment is advised for you to achieve the best results. 

Though the cost of Brazilian laser hair removal is more expensive than other hair removal services, you are paying for the quality of the procedure. Laser hair removal has many benefits, the main one being a significant decrease in hair growth. Once completing the required sessions, patients see a drastic difference in how much hair grows in the area. Individuals with a more significant contrast in skin tone and hair colour will see more drastic results as the laser detects the pigmentation. There’s the option to go back for annual touch-up appointments if you feel they are needed. Each session lasts no longer than an hour, making it quick and convenient to go to your appointments. Between each one, you can still shave if need be. 

Long-Lasting Results

With the science behind laser hair removal, patients tend to see a 20% reduction in hair growth after the first treatment. The average patient needs anywhere from 2 to 6 sessions to complete their treatment. With regrowth after the complete number of sessions, if any, hairs appear finer and lighter in colour, making them less noticeable. Ensuring proper preparation and aftercare is a big part of achieving these lasting results. Be sure to wear loose clothing around your appointment time to avoid any friction on the sensitive skin. Additionally, avoid direct sunlight and applying scented and loaded creams. This can cause irritation or increase sensitivity. After sessions, avoid heat treatments like saunas or steam rooms for at least 7 days, and don’t apply pressure or scrub excessively on the areas in order to prevent infection and allow time for your skin to heal. Taking these steps will not only ensure optimal hair removal results but will protect the skin in the affected areas. 

Reduced Ingrown Hairs

With many traditional hair removal methods, we are often left with skin irritation and ingrown hairs. These can be extremely painful and annoying to get rid of. Frequently, we pick at them, causing them to get even worse. At laser clinics in Toronto, professionals are trained to perform laser hair removal procedures correctly, leaving the skin smooth and flawless. Laser hair removal itself has a minimal history of leaving patients with ingrown hairs anyway; the most common is a slight redness and swelling that should go down within a couple days. Ingrown hairs form when a hair follicle is in the process of growing back but fails to penetrate the skin, causing it to curl under the skin and elevate the skin. The hair will continue to grow until treated. Laser hair removal can actually remove ingrown hairs as well. The reason ingrown hairs don’t occur with laser hair removal is because the hairs are being removed at the root, often removing the hair growth process altogether. 

Less Discomfort

Laser hair removal is minimally invasive, though pain feels different to everyone. Many patients describe the sensation as a little sting. At IGBeauty, we ensure patients feel comfortable during their treatments. After the appointment, you may experience some redness and tenderness, which should not affect your daily activities. Most treatments are relatively short, depending on the size of the treatment area. Therefore, the minimal stinging you feel will be temporary. Many of the machines used for this hair removal method have settings that produce controlled pulses of light, customizable to the comfortability of the patient. Many of these machines also have a cooling mechanism to minimize any discomfort felt throughout the appointment. Ask your technician about it. 

Quick and Convenient

Many hair removal techniques are ongoing routines; however, laser hair removal is excellent if you have a busy schedule. The treatments themselves last up to an hour, and once you finish the recommended number of treatments, you grow a significantly smaller amount of hair. Many patients simply go without any hair removal methods after their treatment, but they can continue shaving or go for touch-up appointments. These sessions have no downtime, allowing you to resume your daily schedule straight after your appointment. If going on vacation, no need to worry about your hair growing back while on your getaway. Unlike shaving or waxing, hair grows back thinner, if any at all. 

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal with IGBeauty

Brazilian laser hair removal is the answer to eliminating the worry of looking for unwanted hair on vacation. Always be beach-ready with permanent results, no irritation and the convenience of the procedure. By targeting unwanted hair in the bikini area, gain the confidence to flaunt your beach-ready body without worry. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional hair removal methods and book an appointment with IGBeauty today!

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