Discover Why Bikini Laser Hair Removal in Toronto is a Must This Summer

May 31, 2024

As the scorching sun sets the scene for summer adventures, it comes with the excitement of hot beach days and cool summer evenings. With this excitement comes one common concern, the constant need for hair removal. Fear not, with laser hair removal in Toronto. Bikini laser hair removal is a hair removal method like no other, providing long-lasting results. It is a painless procedure and can prevent and rid your skin of ingrown hair. IGBeauty is a laser clinic in Toronto that can give you the best care, as our team is equipped with trained medical professionals and uses the latest technology. 

To learn more about laser hair removal for the summer, read below. 

Benefits of Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Discover Why Bikini Laser Hair Removal in Toronto is a Must This SummerAside from the flawless results, bikini laser hair removal has many benefits that satisfy needs that your other hair removal methods do not. A significant advantage is the pain-free treatment. Many techniques, like waxing and tweezing, cause trauma to the skin. Laser hair removal is a light emitted onto the skin, targeting hairs underneath the skin surface. Doing so removes the hair from the follicle, promoting significantly less hair growth or none at all. Due to these long-lasting results, it saves money and time put into a hair removal routine. When it comes to shaving or waxing, there is often a risk of irritation or infection; therefore, laser hair removal is no longer a problem. Feel confident every day in your body with laser hair removal!

Why It's a Must in Toronto This Summer

With the scorching hot weather, finding ways to beat the heat is essential. Whether it's sitting at the pool or at the beach, always be ready and feel confident with laser hair removal to avoid unwanted hair. With revealing swimwear and minimal clothing during these summer months, it's crucial to maintain proper personal hygiene, including regular showers and ridding ourselves of unwanted hair. With laser hair removal, expect a significant decrease in hair growth, eliminating that worry. Removing hair removes a layer of insolation, keeping you more relaxed and more comfortable in hot climates, allowing your skin to breathe. 

The Bikini Laser Hair Removal Process

All laser hair removal in Toronto at IGBeauty starts with a consultation to get familiar with your skin type and your expectations for the procedure. Your technician will provide you with all the necessary information before starting. You will then begin to undergo your 6-8 sessions. Each session will consist of the following. You will be given protective eyewear and, optionally, a topical anesthetic. The laser device will then be applied to the targeted area for a heated sensation. This session will last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the area that is being treated. Be sure to go into your appointments shaving within 24 hours before, and wear loose-fitting clothing to allow the area to breathe afterwards. After your appointment, avoid direct sunlight and cosmetic products filled with chemicals (fragranced creams, medicated creams, etc.)

Why IGBeauty is the Best Choice for Bikini Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

Choose IGBeauty when looking for a laser clinic in Toronto. We hire trained medical professionals to provide peace of mind to our patients, knowing they are in the best hands. We also always use top-of-the-line products and equipment for the best quality results. For over 10 years, our loyal patients have received rave reviews. With IGBeauty, get a personalized treatment plan when you sit down with our technicians for a consultation, as we believe that everyone has a different goal for their body and skin type and tones are a significant factor that goes into the process of getting there. 

Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

Be beach-ready this summer with laser hair removal at IGBeauty, and be confident in your body. Join the popular trend that is laser hair removal and experience its benefits. Call us today to book an appointment!

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