Why Men in Toronto Are Choosing Laser Hair Removal Services Over Shaving

March 26, 2024

Laser hair removal services have made its mark in the realm of hair removal. Gaining popularity, due to its long-lasting results, efficiency and minimally invasive procedure, clients leave their appointments satisfied. With the right skin clinic in Toronto, laser hair removal can be for anyone, men and women, no matter your skin tone or skin type. Hair removal for men is a popular choice for personal grooming. Laser hair removal for men in Toronto can help maintain a man’s ideal image with minimal upkeep and time investment, making every day easier. 

At IGBeauty, laser hair removal for men is offered for all parts of the body, but popular areas include facial hair, underarms, and Brazilian areas. Consult with our specialists at IGBeauty today to get started on your hair removal journey. 

Read on to learn more about laser hair removal!

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Why Men in Toronto Are Choosing Laser Hair Removal Services Over ShavingThe thought of laser hair removal can sound daunting. However, this minimally invasive treatment does wonders for removing unwanted hair. The science behind it is pretty simple. A laser is projected on the targeted skin area, which detects the melanin in the skin and targets the root of the hair follicle. The number of treatments and frequency of appointments will depend on the patient, but on average, the number spans 5-7 treatments every few weeks, depending on your hair growth cycle. Once completed, patients can go back for touch-up appointments as needed. 

Laser hair removal for men in Toronto is entirely customizable, as it provides precision and effectiveness for that clean and groomed look. Some also take this hair removal method for medical reasons if they experience sensitive skin and cannot shave or wax due to this. Through laser hair removal, say goodbye to ingrown hairs and say hello to long-lasting results, convenience, and comfort. 

Long-Lasting Results

Unlike traditional hair removal methods, laser hair removal services are unique due to their long-lasting abilities. Targeting the root of hair follicles either stunts growth entirely or minimizes the appearance of the hair. Shaving requires constant upkeep to maintain a clean and professional appearance, especially with facial hair, whereas laser hair removal results start to show after the first appointment. By the end of a patient’s scheduled sessions, they see a significant difference in hair growth. Annual touch-up appointments are encouraged to maintain those results, but only if you begin to notice regrowth. These results will vary depending on the patient’s skin type and tone, as someone with fair skin and dark hair will see more noticeable results compared to someone with minimal contrast from hair to skin. 

Reduced Risk of Ingrown Hairs

With conventional hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing, we tend to experience ingrown hairs and irritation. These can be a pain to live with, especially in areas with sensitive skin. These are caused by hair follicles growing back but not being able to penetrate through the skin. This causes the hair to curl underneath itself, causing that bump to grow. Laser hair removal services reduce the existence of ingrown hairs on your skin because they work to eliminate hair from under the skin. The hair then sheds from the skin and is less likely to grow back. This alleviates the skin from any surface irritation. Laser hair removal’s ability to reduce hair thickness decreases the chances of ingrown hairs compared to thick and coarse hair. If you have existing ingrown hairs, laser hair removal can help to remove them. By burning away the hair and its ability to regrow, you will no longer have to worry about the hair returning and continuing to grow under the skin.

Minimize Discomfort

Shaving has many risks and causes of discomfort, like razor burn, cuts and nicks, and irritation. A sharp blade dragging across your skin multiple times a week can result in irritation, especially in sensitive areas like the face or Brazilian region. Conversely, laser hair removal only makes contact through a minimally invasive laser, targeting and affecting the hair follicles. Patients may experience a slight redness and swelling. However, that goes away a lot faster than the irritation caused by shaving and other traditional hair removal methods. In addition, laser hair removal machines have sensitivity levels, so if patients do feel discomfort throughout their appointment, the strength of the laser itself can be lowered. If any discomfort stems from laser hair removal, it’s very temporary. Laser hair removal provides comfort throughout the timespan of your treatments, and patients feel more comfortable in their skin and more confident after undergoing it. 

Quick and Convenient

Laser hair removal can provide a speedy process in achieving smooth skin free of unwanted hair. Small treatment areas like the face, underarms, and Brazilian area take no longer than an hour to complete, allowing you to spend more time on other things that are more of a priority. Once all treatments are done, you won’t have the need to constantly shave targeted areas to keep a clean and professional appearance. Laser hair removal doesn’t require the constant maintenance that shaving does, offering long-term results with very few laser sessions. Laser hair removal provides time-saving in the long run by removing the need for regular grooming routines. 

Laser hair removal services don’t require any drastic preparation for appointments compared to other hair removal methods like waxing, which requires the hair to be a certain length to be effective. In fact, laser technicians will ask for you to shave the area at least 24 hours before your appointment to be able to detect the hair follicles under the skin more effectively. Once your appointment is over, there is no downtime, meaning you can resume your daily activities immediately afterwards. That said, care for the skin properly to ensure adequate healing. 

Laser Hair Removal with IGBeauty

Avoid the hassle of constant hair removal maintenance with laser hair removal for men. Experience long-lasting results and healthier skin with the help of the professionals at IGBeauty today. Our team includes medical doctors, registered nurses, and medical estheticians with qualified training and licensing to provide you with the best results and get you feeling your best. 

Visit IGBeauty to start your hair removal journey.

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