Facial Peels for Acne Scars

December 10, 2015

How many times do you look back at your youth and wish you could slap your hand away from picking at those annoying pimples? Most people know that picking at acne can cause scarring and dark spots on the skin, but how to get rid of them is not as well known. At IG Beauty, we have facial peels that...

Benefits of Spa Facials

December 07, 2015

Your face is a window to your soul. It shows the world your emotions, happy and sad, and is one of the leading parts about you that people remember. So why not treat it with care? You may be doing the regular, everyday routine of washing your face, moisturizing and so on. But do you really treat...

Tips for Skin Rejuvenation

November 22, 2015

Skin rejuvenation may be one of the most important beauty regimes for any man or woman out there. The way you treat and care for your skin affects your skin’s appearance. There are so many well kept tips for skin rejuvenation that they just have to be shared with die-hard beauty goers. Here...

The Best Scar Treatments in Toronto

November 18, 2015

Many of us have scars on our body from when we were kids, from growing up with acne, or from stretch marks and C sections. If you’re looking for the best scar treatments in Toronto, this article will educate you on the subject as well as guide you to where you should go for your scar...

Permanent Hair Reduction

November 17, 2015

Has the thought “there must be a better way” ever crossed your mind when you’ve been in the midst of shaving, waxing or threading unwanted body hairs? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve narrowed it down and found the most effective permanent hair reduction remedy...

What Are The Treatment Options For Skin Tags?

November 17, 2015

You should not not be embarrassed of your skin tags. Most people get them, and they become more common as people grow older in age. As well, it is so easy to remove skin tags these days, that you can see yours gone in as little as one professional treatment. So, what is type of machine is used for...

The Benefits and Risks of Facial Laser Hair Removal for Men and Women

October 26, 2015

Facial hair is one of the more transformative features that our body can have. A man with a well-groomed beard automatically appears more rugged and masculine, thanks to the prevalence of beards throughout art history. The same is true for women, albeit with different groupings of facial hair and a...

Best Anti-Aging Facials

October 24, 2015

Our skin is perhaps the greatest sign of our age. Our face begins to have more creases on it, we get crow’s feet around our eyes, and our skin just doesn’t seem to glow as much. What causes wrinkles? As we age, less fat is stored in our bodies and less natural oils are produced, and the...

Laser Hair Removal Can Help You Get Rid of your Hair for Good

October 23, 2015

We’ve all toyed with the idea of hair removal at some point or another, whether it was via shaving, waxing, or even laser hair removal. Each of these mainstream hair removal methods have their risks and benefits. Although shaving is relatively painless and harmless, its tedious and repetitive...

The Importance of Skincare

October 20, 2015

Quality skincare has been valued for thousands of years. Our skin is our body’s largest organ and our first line of defense against many infectious diseases and other dangers. It keeps us dry, helps us cool off, and protects us from the sun’s rays. A proper skincare regimen dates back to...

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