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April 05, 2018

If you’re bothered by the sight of skin tags, and even embarrassed, removal is simple and painless at IGBeauty Studio. The skin care experts at IGBeauty Studio offer skin tag removal in Toronto with NO residual scarring. As common as they may be, skin tags can now be removed using the latest in laser technology. It’s effective and non-invasive - and best of all – there’s NO scarring.

Important Facts about Skin Tag Removal in Toronto

Most skin care professionals would recommend skin tag removal when there’s discomfort or when there’s irritation. However, if you consider them bothersome for cosmetic reasons, this too would be a motivation. Whatever the case, it’s very important to understand some of the facts.

  • Skin tags are usually benign growths, often growing on a “stalk”
  • Skin tags are considered the most common growth for adults
  • Skin tags can occur on eyelids, armpits, groin areas, and breasts
  • You could have anywhere from a few to a few hundred skin tags
  • Most everyone will develop skin tags at some point in their life
  • If you are a middle-aged, obese adult, you are prone to skin tags
  • When you get rid of skin tags, it will not cause more tags to grow

What is the best way to remove annoying skin tags?

It’s best to have a skin care expert remove skin tags and any associated skin blemishes. It’s also important to stay away from destructive treatments like freezing, burning, and snipping. For skin tag removal in Toronto IGBeauty Studio uses the VascuLyse 2G protocol – it’s a new skin care procedure that eliminates skin tags (and blemishes) permanently.

How many treatments do I need to remove my skin tags?

In as few as one to three appointments, VascuLyse effectively removes skin tags, as well as many other unpleasant skin conditions. It’s a non-invasive procedure that does not pierce the skin, but uses a mild electrical current that only touches the surface of the skin. Professionally, VascuLyse is referred to as thermo-coagulation - safe, effective, non-invasive.

How do VascuLyse treatments work?

As one of the more advanced treatments, VascuLyse treats the capillaries, as it removes the skin tag. The procedure doesn’t leave any scar tissue on the skin’s surface, and any post-treatment scabbing is unnoticeable. Healing is quick, occurring within 3 to 5 days of the procedure. What’s most important is that VascuLyse is completely safe and sterile.

How much do treatments cost?

IGBeauty Studio offers skin tag removal in Toronto, with treatments starting at $35 per session.

As well, the in-house skin care team can address various other skin care issues as required:

  • Ruby Points - a common lesion known as Cherry Angiomas
  • Telangectasia - dilated capillaries (small red/purple clusters)
  • Stellar Angiomas - swollen blood vessels known as Spider Veins
  • Milia - white bumps on the nose, cheeks, and around the eyes
  • Cholesterol Deposits – yellow deposits (eyes, nose, and cheeks)

How to prevent residual scarring with skin tag removal

With VascuLyse, skin scarring is rare. However, if you are genuinely concerned about even slight skin scarring, there are some things that you can do. For some, an antibiotic cream around the treatment area can help with healing. For everyone, exposure to sunlight should be avoided. As well, it’s recommended to use an SPF cream (minimum SPF 30). Healing creams with natural ingredients are also helpful (products like Tea Tree Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, and Coconut Oil).

If you’re ready for a new approach to skin tag removal in Toronto, find out more by calling IGBeauty Studio at 416-484-4884 or visiting the clinic website at

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