How Do You Know if Your Laser Clinic is Reputable?

February 19, 2018

These days, when every laser clinic offers the best technologies and the best customer service, it’s still difficult to determine if a clinic is trustworthy and reputable. To begin with, everyone wants to be confident that their favourite skin care clinic is clean, safe, and hygienic. But beyond that, you want to feel that practitioner advice is genuine, that pricing packages are fair, and treatments are well suited.

1. A good way to gauge if a laser clinic is trustworthy

A reputable skin care clinic will operate under professional supervision, with highly trained skin care experts providing treatments. High-tech procedures (like laser hair removal) should meet the strict standards of regulatory bodies like Health Canada. In addition, in-house staff like medical aestheticians should be licensed where treatments and procedures require.

In a good clinic, the practitioners are always upgrading their education level with training and practical courses. As a clinic, everyone keeps up with the latest technology and the latest trends in skin care products. In short, when clinic clients are assured of a professional, trusted approach, every visit is experienced with added confidence.

2. Assessing a clinic’s reputation (and media reviews)

Today, with the advent of the Internet and social media, business reputation is just a click away. While these sources can be reliable for the most part, personal recommendations are still the very best way to assess quality and service. When your friends and co-workers give you glowing reports, that’s a good sign. And when they rave about atmosphere and environment - even better.

3. Price isn’t everything - but “fair pricing” is worthy

Big metropolitan cities like Toronto can be pricey – from housing, to restaurants, to beauty clinics. Of course, it’s important to make price comparisons between clinics. But beyond the prices, there’s also the notion of value. High quality treatments might be pricey, but the value is worthwhile. The best is when a reputable, well-established clinic provides FREE initial consults.

4. Many skin treatments conveniently under one roof

Better cosmetology clinics offer a wide range of therapeutic, cosmetic, and laser treatments. It’s not that more is necessarily better – it’s the variety of procedures that are available to address and treat different skin conditions. In other words, more options provide more remedies.

A good team of in-house professionals also makes for a good clinic set up. This would include a range of aestheticians, laser technicians, and even beauty specialists. Above all, a high degree of industry experience makes for a collective knowledge that provides superior treatments.

For clinic clients, there should be a sense of self-assurance that the staff and the services are both reputable and trustworthy. In a big city like Toronto, there are simply too many opportunities for so-called “experts” to make big promises and guarantees. In other words, buyers beware.  

5. You’ll decide whether a clinic is trustworthy or not

Like any customer service offering, it’s always good to do some homework and research. It’s far better to be an educated and informed consumer than to deal with bad outcomes, particularly when it comes to personal health. A good skin care clinic will simply look like it and feel like it.

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