Skin Tags: Ruby Points, Telangiectasia, Stellar Angioma

June 26, 2017

As the hands of time take their toll on you it is not uncommon to experience a variety of skin conditions. These conditions that include growths and colouration of the face can be unattractive and a source of embarrassment and shame for most people. Thankfully, we live in an era where increasing technological advancements makes it possible to treat these conditions effectively and affordably. At IGBeauty we have consistently and effectively honed our techniques to better serve you: the customer. Everyone seems to struggle with skin tags and telangiectasia at some point. But don’t let them get under your skin! These issues are harmless and can be easily treated with our one of a kind VacuLyse 2G Treatment.

 What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are small, benign, rice-grain shaped tumors that form in areas where the skin creases and rubs on itself. Skin tags are usually found on the neck, eyelid, armpit, and groin areas. Generally speaking, skin tags are harmless, painless and are more of a cosmetic rather than a medical issue. Although there is a small chance of skin tags falling off on their own, the majority of cases sees skin tags persist once formed. Skin tags are for the most part small nuisances but in rare cases can grow to large sizes, making a medical intervention necessary.

 The Annoying Ruby Points

Ruby Points are red dots or splotches that form typically on the face when a collection of capillaries has made their way to the skin’s surface. Also known as Cherry Angiomas, these harmless blemishes are prone to getting thicker with age and taking on a domed or raised shape from which they derive the name ruby points. Much like skin tags, these completely harmless nuisances are easily taken care of.

Spider Veins or Telangiectasia

Another usually benign condition is known as telangiectasia or colloquially as spider veins. Telangiectasia causes a widening of tiny blood vessels present in your skin, which in turn produces red patterns on your skin. These patterns are usually located in clusters and take on a web appearance, hence the term spider veins. Although telangiectasia is for the most part benign it can be a symptom of more serious conditions. Some of the other symptoms of this condition include itching, swelling and some slight pain. Like skin tags and ruby points, telangiectasia is more of a cosmetic issue than a medical one and is easily taken care if you so wish.

A form of telangiectasia that is also relatively common is Stellar Angioma. This condition replicates much of the symptoms of spider veins and is also known as spider angioma. Stellar angioma is a form of swollen blood vessels right underneath the surface of the skin. This swelling manifests as a central red spot which radiates outwards in the classical shape of a spider’s web for which it is named. Stellar angiomas lack other symptoms and are essentially benign sources of nuisance. Usually people choose to take care of their stellar angiomas to improve both the quality and appearance of their skin.

At IGBeauty we recognize that these conditions, although mostly harmless, are still a great cause for concern. Everyone deserves to have the most beautiful glowing skin possible so that is why here at IGBeauty we have the very best in modern medical advancement at our disposal to combat all your skin conditions; from stellar angiomas to ruby points. The most effective way to combat these conditions is by using our exciting new procedure known as VascuLyse 2G. This procedure uses an electrical current to coagulate the swollen blood vessels at the root of these issues. In doing so, this causes the blood in the affected capillary to coagulate allowing for the vessels around the area to receive adequate blood flow. This is an extremely safe and gentle procedure known as thermo-coagulation and can be the solution to almost all skin blemishes.

So don’t hesitate any longer and come in to IGBeauty to finally get the skin you deserve.

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