What Are The Treatment Options For Skin Tags?

November 17, 2015

You should not not be embarrassed of your skin tags. Most people get them, and they become more common as people grow older in age. As well, it is so easy to remove skin tags these days, that you can see yours gone in as little as one professional treatment. So, what is type of machine is used for skin tags removal? Does it hurt? Where is the best place to get your skin tags removed? This article highlights those questions as well as provides insight into the process of skin tags removals and how leading skin care clinics in Toronto can help.

Skin Tag Removal Solutions

Due to skin tags being so common among people, there has been extensive research completed on how to successfully remove them without any pain, and as fast as possible. The most up to date technology that estheticians have available for treating skin tags is called VascuLyse. VascuLyse is a product that not only focuses on the removal of skin tags but also; ruby points, Telangiectasia, Stellar angioma, Milia and Cholesterol Deposits.

Removing skin tags is easy, but should be done by a medical aesthetician who practices safe and clean skin tag removal treatments. Your professional should be using sterile and disposable equipment in order to eliminate the potential for infection. Many people think that they can scratch off their skin tag, but that is the worst thing that you can do. By scratching off your skin tag, it generates potential for scarring, infection or overall swelling in the area.

VascuLyse is such an amazing product. It’s sterile, disposable, and prevents scar tissue from being damaged on the area being treated, in order to prevent scarring. How VascuLyse works is through the machine sending electrical currents to the skin tag or the surface of the affected area, which then stops any blood flow to the area preventing it from growing. The stopping of the blood flow also causes the area of the skin that is being treated, such as the skin tag, to detach from the body.

These types of treatments can take as little as one appointment or up to three, depending on the intensity of the area you want to treat. An additional upside of the VascuLyse treatments is that they ensure safety around the areas of the skin that you are treating. In the rarest case, there could be a small but not noticeable scar after the removal of a skin tag. In this case, you should not itch or rub the skin. Leave it be and try adding a little bit of healing cream to the area to speed up the healing of the scar.

A Leading Skin Care Clinic Near Toronto

If you’re looking for a safe and reputable medical esthetician that specializes in skin tag removals, contact IGBeauty. IGBeauty’s skin tag removal product is the VascuLyse machine, which comes highly recommended by skincare professionals. We have some of the best and recommended estheticians in Toronto that have the professional training to focus on our clients’ needs. Visit our website for information, or book an appointment online at

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