Is it Possible to do Laser Hair Removal over a Tattoo?

November 13, 2018

Many clients ask us if you can get laser hair removal over a tattoo. The short answer is NO. It’s simply not safe to get laser hair removal over a tattoo. If you plan to have laser hair removal in an area that has a tattoo, your practitioner will have to perform the treatment around the tattoo.

The problem with tattoos is the pigment that’s used to create the tattoo – and laser beams are attracted to tattoo pigment. This just isn’t a good combination. The tattooed skin will be reactive, and the process could be painful. In fact, the tattoo itself may be distorted during treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Simply Won’t Work with a Tattoo

Laser Hair Removal over a Tattoo | IGBeauty | TorontoRegardless of the laser technology being used, laser hair removal over a tattoo should be avoided.

For those who think that laser hair removal is similar to laser tattoo removal, this is incorrect. Each of the technologies is different, and each approach treats the skin in a different manner.

A practitioner who promises successful laser hair removal over a tattoo is misinformed. The risk of skin damage and long-term effects is not worth the treatment. With a trained and experienced practitioner, you can be sure of safe and hygienic laser hair removal, without potential risks.

Laser Technology can be Used to Remove a Tattoo

While laser technology is very effective with hair removal, certain lasers can also be used for the removal of tattoos. However, the two laser approaches should not be confused, and each should be used for the purpose it was designed. The best option is to deal with a skilled professional.

In the event that you have a tattoo, you can also decide to remove that tattoo before hair removal. If this isn’t an option, then laser hair removal will have to be focused ONLY around the tattoo, and the tattooed area itself will require a completely different approach to effective hair removal.

Hair Removal Options that Work with a Tattoo

Unlike high-tech laser hair removal, electrolysis treatments do not pose a safety risk when you have a tattoo, and will not alter the appearance of a tattoo. Needless to say, hair removal through electrolysis works completely different than a laser, and is therefore safe when you have a tattoo.

Electrolysis has proven to be an effective and trusted treatment for hair removal, offering clients with tattoos a satisfactory alternative. Your hair follicles are treated differently than with a laser, and your tattoo is not affected in appearance. Here again, professional treatment is preferred.

Professional Hair Removal at IGBeauty

At IGBeauty, in-house professionals provide expert hair removal in a safe, supervised clinic environment. We don’t promote laser hair removal over a tattoo, and can offer a number of alternatives that will be effective and long lasting.

We have the latest technologies, along with some of the best skin care products on the market. Find out more about professional hair removal, by calling one of our specialists at 647-764-7490 or by visiting our services at

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