The Risks of at Home Laser Hair Removal

October 12, 2018

Nowadays, as laser hair removal gains more and more popularity among both men and women, it is important to keep in mind the risks of at home laser hair removal. Indeed, at home laser hair removal may seem like an attractive option - it is claimed to be faster and cheaper, and is believed to produce results, similar to in-clinic treatment results. However, you need to remember that there are certain health risks that could occur when the procedure is not conducted by a specialist in a professional setting, or with the latest professional-grade laser technology.

To understand the risks of at home laser hair removal, you need to know how home laser devices work

Just like the lasers used in a medical clinic, home devices target and destroy hair follicles. However, these types of lasers aren’t as strong as those used by specialists at IGBeauty. The majority of home devices require a certain number of pulses for each part of the body. That being said, you have to hold the laser in place until it beeps, and only then, can you move the device by several centimeters and start all over again. Such treatments are required from once a week to once every two weeks. Imagine the amount of time you’d have to spend to treat your legs at home! Furthermore, most users report that only 60 to 75 percent of body hair is removed permanently. In comparison, specialists at clinics like IGBeauty are able to remove nearly all of your hair.

How are at home procedures different from receiving treatments at a clinic?

In order to remove hair, home lasers utilize IPL: a combination of low-range infrared radiation waves with a polychromatic (or full spectrum) beam light. On the other hand, the professional laser devices most often produce a monochromatic beam, meaning that all the light rays have the same wavelength.

Different skin and hair typesThe major difference between treating yourself and going to a laser specialist at IGBeauty is the professional medical guidance that ensures you receive the best results possible and avoid the risks of at home laser hair removal. At IGBeauty, we consider the four factors required to achieve the permanent (and safe!) results of your laser hair removal treatment. These factors are the type of laser, wavelength used, treatment protocol, and the skills and experience of the treatment provider. While home laser devices treat every individual the same, regardless of skin tone or hair colour, a true professional at IGBeauty will create a personalized treatment plan unique to your body. No two people are the same and no two people should receive the same laser hair removal treatments.

There are certain dangers associated with home laser hair removal devices

1. Safety

Unless you are a qualified laser therapist, it could be difficult to determine whether a certain IPL laser device will suit your skin. Whether your skin tone is dark or your hair is simply not in the appropriate stage of growth, you are risking hyperpigmentation and severe burns! Excessive sun exposure and taking certain medications could also make your skin sensitive to heat and light, increasing the risks of at home laser hair removal even further.

At IGBeauty, our first priority is safety. In a controlled environment, our laser technician will determine the suitability of laser hair removal for your desired treatment area and will treat you at maximum, yet safe level of intensity in order to achieve the best results possible.

2. Calibration of the device

With any IPL or laser device, over time, the energy level drops due to the degradation of the device components. Such devices must be regularly calibrated in order to ensure that they are delivering the right amount of energy. Unfortunately, home laser hair removal devices are not meant to be calibrated or repaired over time. If you purchase a device that malfunctions, you may be stuck with a poor investment which can’t deliver the result that you dreamed of, or, even worse, cause scars, burns, and discoloration

3. Efficacy

Most of the IPL devices for at-home use are not capable of delivering the amount of heat needed to destroy the hair follicle permanently. The energy delivered is enough to cause some damage to the hair for a short term, making dark and thick hair, much finer. However, this finer hair does not respond to the subsequent laser treatment that is needed to achieve the permanent hair removal.

As mentioned above, home laser devices deliver broad-range energy. Though, to yield the best results and destroy the hair follicle forever, the delivered energy needs to be very targeted and specific. There are a lot of risks of at home laser hair removal even though the produced results aren’t as promising as they could be with a professional treatment.

Should I have my treatment at home or at skin care clinic?

Of course, the price of home laser devices make them tempting to try,  but you need to remember that with the lack of skill and experience of the user, they could cause more harm than good. When the risks of at home laser hair removal are coupled with far-from-perfect results, visiting the specialist becomes the best and the most cost-effective approach. Luckily, the expert laser technologists at IGBeauty will develop a personalized treatment plan to suit your hair colour, skin tone, and treatment area to ensure that you receive long lasting and most importantly, safe results.

Book your professional laser hair removal session at IGBeauty Studio

At IGBeauty Studio, we use LightSheer® Duet™ and Gentlemax Pro laser systems, which are the most effective laser technologies available on the market. Under expert supervision, the procedure is completely safe and yields long-lasting results. When you complete your laser treatments at IGBeauty, you may be surprised to notice reduced skin pigmentation and sun damage spots, as well as increased refreshed and rejuvenated skin.

Avoiding the risks of at home laser hair removal is easy: the first step is to simply book your laser hair removal consultation at IGBeauty. For more information, visit our website at or call at 416-484-4884 directly.

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