The Real Question About Laser Hair Removal: Is It Worth It?

May 16, 2018

Many beauty studio clients wonder if laser hair removal is worth it. Essentially, it’s a question of value - and many clients have found that the overall cost of laser hair removal is quite affordable. Clearly, the cost of laser hair removal depends on the size of the area that’s being treated, as well as other factors. And naturally, removing hair from the face is different than removing hair from the bikini area or from both legs. Here again, it’s very much about the results and the long-term value. With convincing benefits, many clients do conclude that laser hair removal is worth it.

Is it really worth it? The cost benefit of laser hair removal over other techniques

There really isn’t a typical cost for laser hair removal – everyone is different and every treatment is unique. However, the smaller the surface area being treated, the lower the cost. On average, hair removal in the bikini area is going to be less costly than a larger area, like the back.

Likewise, for the upper and lower legs, clients will usually pay more than their arms. Usually, the underarms are the least costly to treat. Finally, removing hair from the face and neck might be more costly, simply because of the intricate nature of the laser treatment that’s involved.

Over the course of a year, laser hair removal can actually be less expensive than the conventional waxing techniques. Once again, it’s a matter of cost benefit – in other words, the long-term results that are garnered based on the cost of ongoing treatments. As such, laser hair removal is worth it.

What’s important to consider with laser hair removal is that most clients will require four to six sessions for permanent hair removal, regardless of the area being treated. This is why laser hair treatments are quite often discounted – the more sessions purchased, the less the unit price.

Overall, permanent laser hair removal is a major timesaver

Needless to say, laser hair removal alleviates the time spent on shaving and/or waxing. With laser treatment, the clinic procedure is quick and the results are evident during the first few weeks. On the downside, shaving or waxing requires ongoing management to stay hair free. The beauty of laser hair removal, of course, is that it’s permanent – no more need to shave or wax. Beyond timesaving, laser treatments also provide the long-term results, without the stress.

Cost comparison between a salon visit and home treatment

Yes – it’s possible to buy a home laser unit and perform a relatively safe home treatment. And yes – it’s less expensive than a professional clinic. But the bigger question is about cost and value. There’s really no comparison between a home unit and a professional system. And when it comes to laser clinicians, there’s much to be said for the professional training and expertise. One more thing to consider about home treatment is the risk. What’s the cost of something going wrong?  

Better results with laser hair removal than other procedures

Unlike so many other options for hair removal, laser treatment does not create unsightly (and even with painful) ingrown hairs. There’s also no chance of “razor burns” or other types of skin irritation. For those with existing ingrown hairs, laser removal can actually improve on this. The best thing about laser treatment is that hair is targeted right down to the follicle. This precision allows for quicker results and further allows people with dark skin to be treated successfully.

Laser hair removal is cost effective - a worthwhile expense

All things considered – such as cost and benefits and value - laser hair removal is worth it. After a series of treatments, there are no more cost outlays for wax treatments, hair removal creams, or any other hair removal methods. And although there is definitely an up front cost, there is also long term dollar value. Laser hair removal should be viewed as an investment – one that provides both cost savings and time savings, while achieving aesthetic results that are hard to match.

IGBeauty can show you that laser hair removal is worth it

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