LightSheer DUET Laser for Hair Removal

July 25, 2019

Safe hair removal with LightSheer DUET

Are you struggling with unwanted body hair? You may be overwhelmed with the variety of options available, such as shaving, waxing, plucking or different types of laser hair removal. Many are left wondering, where do I even begin? At IGBeauty Laser & Skin Clinic, we offer a variety of laser hair removal services to meet your specific needs. Laser treatments allow you to destroy hair follicles, resulting in long-lasting hair removal from any part of the body. Although laser hair removal is most effective in individuals with a light skin tone and dark hair follicles, advances in technology have allowed the procedure to be safe for use on individuals with any skin and hair type. At IGBeauty Laser and Skin Clinic, we can help you identify what type of treatment is best for your skin type and hair removal needs. In this blog, we are going to discuss the LightSheer DUET laser, a leading-edge technology that permanently removes unwanted hair. As the “gold standard” for laser hair removal, it is safe and reliable for most skin types and is widely considered one of the best available treatment options. If you have questions or want to learn more about the technology, don’t hesitate to contact our expert and friendly team at 416-484-4884.

How does LightSheer DUET laser hair removal work?Laser technician at IGBeauty using LightSheer Duet laser on patient

LightSheer DUET uses a leading technology to remove hair faster and easier than any other laser treatment. Using a larger, concentrated beam of light, LightSheer DUET laser can act on many hair follicles at once, resulting in the overall treatment being faster and more efficient. As opposed to other laser hair removal technologies, LightSheer DUET treatments have reduced side effects, but you may experience minor redness or swelling around the hair follicles following the procedure. With multiple treatments, LightSheer DUET is proven to have incredibly long-lasting results. As with other laser hair removal technologies, multiple treatments are required as hair follicles are not always in the same growth phase at the same time. Thus, to ensure even removal of hair throughout the body, multiple treatments are needed to ensure the hair follicles are effectively destroyed in the correct phase of growth. The experienced technicians at IGBeauty Laser & Skin Clinic can use LightSher DUET laser to individualize the treatment based on skin or hair type, allowing for personalized and effective hair removal. We are also experts in laser hair removal technology and can help you decide what treatment will work best for your specific aesthetic needs.

Why is LightSheer DUET the best laser for hair removal?

LightSheer DUET is the best type of laser treatment for hair removal as it is faster, more efficient and causes less side effects than other leading procedures. The precision of the laser facilitates the destruction of each individual hair follicle, while simultaneously preventing any discomfort, discolouration or irritation to the surrounding skin. As well, it is a highly customizable treatment, with options for skin type, hair colour and hair texture, allowing for increased specificity and long-lasting results. For example, this fast and efficient technology can allow you to treat leg hair within approximately 15 minutes, a huge improvement over other laser technologies that often take more than 40 minutes. Additionally, the LightSheer DUET laser treatments are given alongside a cooling technology, to help soothe and cool surrounding tissue while hair follicles are destroyed. Other benefits of laser hair removal with LightSheer DUET technology include a reduced number of ingrown hairs and overall skin rejuvenation to improve skin tone and texture.

What is the difference between LightSheer DUET and Diode laser hair removal?

There are many differences between the new LightSheer DUET laser hair removal technology and the previous standard LightSheer Diode treatment. In general, the LightSheer DUET is considered a better option for laser hair removal as the treatment minimizes pain and acts faster on large areas of the body. LightSheer Diode, the previous standard model, is a more painful laser hair removal treatment but can also be effective and thorough depending on the individual and their skin type. One of the best benefits of the DUET system over the Diode technology is that the treatments take nearly a quarter of the time depending on the area and your skin type. With the added benefit of reduced pain, we now recommend the LightSheer DUET as our go-to technology for laser hair removal.

What is the difference between LightSheer DUET and Alexandrite laser hair removal?

The Alexandrite 755nm laser is part of the GentleMax Pro series of lasers and is the gold standard for laser hair removal on lighter skin types and thin hair. With Alexandrite laser hair removal, a potential side effect is changes in skin pigmentation in individuals with darker skin tones. Thus, for darker skin types, the GentleMax Pro Nd:YAG 1064nm laser is best for laser hair removal. The benefit of the LightSheer DUET laser hair removal is that it is effective on all skin tones and can be adjusted to provide individualized treatment based on skin and hair type.

Laser hair removal is an effective and long-lasting option for people looking to get rid of unwanted body hair. Although there are many types of laser hair removal currently available in Canada, the new LightSheer DUET laser treatment offers a fast, efficient and relatively pain-free option for long-lasting effects. At IGBeauty Laser & Skin Clinic, we offer a variety of services to meet your specific aesthetic goals. Whether you are looking to improve your overall skin complexion, permanently remove unwanted or stubborn body hair or reduce the look of scarring, laser treatments can help solve your skin problems. Our professional team has years of experience providing laser treatments and is always happy to help discuss what option is best for your skin type. Laser hair removal can be an effective and long-lasting procedure for any skin type at any age, reducing the need for time-consuming shaving and plucking routines. To learn more about our services or to book a consultation with one of our expert technicians, contact our team at 416-484-4884. 


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