The Best Laser Products for Hair Removal for Men

October 19, 2020

mens laser hair removalThere is a common misconception that laser hair removal is just for women, when in fact men love it too. Like women, many men don't want to deal with razor bumps from shaving, hair removal products that irritate their skin, or they are just tired of the constant upkeep of waxing or shaving. Most men get treatments on their face to trim their beard, back, chest, or genital area to reduce hair or for hygiene reasons. 

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work For Men?

While the laser industry primarily targets women, it is often misunderstood that laser hair removal works for men. The laser functions by penetrating the individual hair follicle with light energy multiple times until it can no longer produce hair. After each treatment, the follicle will become more and more damaged until you are finally hair-free. You will notice hairs falling out or shedding, and that is a sign of your sessions working. In 5-7 treatments, you will be hair-free in the treated area

Advancements in Laser technology

With advancements in laser technology, treatments are efficient and essentially pain-free. In fact, you may even be able to undergo treatment during your lunch break. For example: at IGBeauty, we use the LightSheer®DUET™, and GentleMax PRO®. Using the same products, but maybe on different body parts, laser hair removal for men is just as advantageous as it is for women.

Laser Hair Removal Is Very Common For Athletes

Swimmers get laser treatments just to shave a second off their swim-time. Cyclists no longer have to endure chafing during long rides after their treatments. And bodybuilders increase muscle definition by removing their body hair. However, you don’t have to be an athlete to get laser hair removal. Many men want to trim facial hair, reduce back or chest hair, or just become a little less hairy. 

Top Lasers and What Body Parts They Treat

If men are looking to trim their beard, get rid of their unibrow, shape their eyebrows or groom their facial hair, then specialists at IGBeauty would use the LightSheer®DUET™ or the GentleMax PRO®. 

The GentleMax PRO® is excellent for treating hairlines, beards, or public hair, and the LightSheer®DUET™ works amazingly well to target small areas like your chin, sideburns, or eyebrows. 

If men are looking to have painless hair removal on their back, chest, or larger areas, we recommend either laser. Both have their benefits and depending on your hair colour recommend the laser to choose. You can read more about the right laser and your hair and skin colour here. 

Get laser hair removal for men with trusted specialists at IGBeauty 

For years, men have been visiting Irina and her team at IGBeauty Laser & Skin Clinic in downtown Toronto. Her kind demeanour and knowledge of the different lasers and pain-free treatment is what keeps them coming back. Book your appointment with the IGBeauty team and learn how to get hair removal for men and reduce your body hair in 5-7 sessions. 

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