Permanent Hair Removal for Men: What Are My Options?

August 10, 2020

laser hair removal for menMen and women alike strive for a hairless body, but because it's less common for males, men have trouble distinguishing between different methods on how to fully remove their hair.  Many are looking for ways to remove hair beyond shaving and trimming, that require less upkeep. Here are some options for permanent hair removal, including laser hair removal for men

1. Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal for men is undoubtedly the most effective way to remove hair for males permanently. Men commonly receive this 30-minute treatment on their back, stomach, chest, shoulders, or genital areas. To ensure your safety during the procedure, make sure you go to a reputable laser hair removal clinic that uses an FDA, or Health Canada approved lasers. The laser uses light energy to penetrate the hair follicle and damage it. After 5-7 treatments on the targeted area, your hair will no longer grow and you will become hair-free. Men can also choose how much or how little hair they want to remove, and lasers work on any hair type and hair colour. 

2. Waxing

Waxing is a step up from shaving and trimming, as your hair grows back thinner and less often each time. And you no longer have the prickly hair post-shaving or have to deal with razor burn. From a pain standpoint, many find waxing fairly painful, however certain areas are more sensitive than others. The wax is applied to your skin, then a strip of cloth is layered on top. Once the wax dries on the skin, the aesthetician rips the cloth off and removes the hair. Waxing removes hair directly from the root and leaves your skin feeling smooth, and hairs grow back after 2-4 weeks. 

3. Body Removal Creams and Depilatories

Body removal creams, also known as depilatories, are chemical-based creams that remove your hair. However, they cannot replace laser hair removal, or be used as a permanent solution. You massage the cream on to the area you want to remove hair from, and you wait 3-5 minutes. The cream causes the hair to dissolve and fall out after waiting the required time limit. It works best on all areas besides sensitive body parts like genitals. Treatment is relatively pain-free; it can feel like a slight tingling or stinging as the cream dissolves. You stay hair-free longer than shaving; however, hair grows back after 1-2 weeks. 

4. Electrolysis

Another procedure men can use for permanent hair removal is electrolysis. You can buy an at-home DIY electrolysis kit, or go to a clinic for professional treatment. The small machine uses a slim needle to penetrate the hair follicle and delivers tiny shocks to the follicles, killing the cells where the hair grows. After the treatment, the hair will no longer be able to grow in the targeted area anymore. The procedure lasts about 10-20 minutes, however larger body areas may take longer. Treatments are done weekly for a year, and it's a very effective permanent hair removal treatment. 

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