Why You Shouldn't Try Microneedling at Home

March 20, 2023

Microneedling in Toronto is a highly beneficial treatment that has gained popularity for its many skin benefits, enhancing the complexion of skin as well as self-confidence. People of all ages and skin types visit local skin care clinics to take advantage of treatment benefits, including acne...

How Do IPL Photofacials and Laser Hair Removal Effect Your Skin

March 09, 2023

Many people opt for laser hair removal in Toronto to eliminate unwanted hair, but soon realize that the treatment offers many lasting benefits to their skin similar to IPL photofacials. While both laser hair removal and IPL photofacials use light energy to improve skin appearance, texture, and...

How Switching to Laser Hair Removal Reduces Waxing Costs

February 26, 2023

Despite the popularity of laser hair removal in Toronto, many people hesitate to embrace the innovative technology for several reasons. Uncertainty about the process and its effects can often discourage some people from realizing its benefits, but it's usually the laser hair removal costs in...

Guide to Scar Reduction with Microneedling Toronto

February 23, 2023

Scars may appear on your skin for a wide variety of reasons. It could be the result of persistent acne, surgical scars, stretch marks, or maybe it simply be something you were born with. Often, scars cause insecurity, making many people cover them up with makeup or search for alternative methods for...

Get Spring Break Ready with Bikini Laser Hair Removal

February 09, 2023

Spring break marks a time for vacations to tropical locations and beach destinations. With spring and summer fast approaching, it's a good time to schedule laser hair removal, especially for the bikini area. If you'd like to achieve the best laser hair removal in Toronto, visit IGBeauty....

How Microneedling in Toronto Can Revitalize Your Skin

January 19, 2023

With winter in full swing, it seems that no matter how much you moisturize, your skin always feels dull and dry. But, with microneedling in Toronto from IGBeauty, your trusted skin care clinic you can enhance the appearance of your skin, from texture to appearance. Microneedling, which is also...

Guide to the Best Treatments for Acne Scars

January 13, 2023

We're always working on our complexion, whether it be to brighten, tighten, or reduce acne. The way our skin looks and feels, plays a significant role in self-esteem. Unfortunately, acne, which is incredibly common, often causes stubborn acne scars that can diminish self-confidence and increase...

Why Schedule Microneedling in Toronto During The Winter

December 26, 2022

While having a glowing complexion is something we aspire to have all year round, it's harder to achieve naturally during the winter. Harsh Toronto winters often leave our skin feeling tired and dry, leaving us to try different moisturizers and treatments. This winter, try microneedling in...

How Laser Hair Removal in Toronto Can Get You Vacation Ready

December 16, 2022

Ahead of your vacation, there are many things to take care of before you hop on a plane and take off to your desired destination. Remembering to shave or wax can completely slip your mind between getting your hair down, nail appointments, and packing your favourite outfits. Many men and women...

How Laser Facials Can Rejuvinate Your Skin

December 12, 2022

Whether you struggle with acne, fine lines, or wrinkles, it’s common to want your skin to look rejuvenated. After trial and error with facials, medications, and skincare products, it can become exhausting trying to achieve youthful, plump, and glowing skin. With high-end laser facials in...

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