How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Should I Have?

September 27, 2018

Have you been considering laser hair removal for all the wonderful benefits it provides but are confused about how many laser hair removal sessions should you have? At IGBeauty laser hair removal clinic in Toronto, it is typical that only 5-7 laser hair removal sessions are necessary. Laser hair removal technology has come a long way and you no longer need to worry about going for treatments over an extensive period of time—this is really great news! At IGBeauty, it’s typical clients only need 5-7 treatments with our LightSheer Duet laser or GentleMax.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal technology has become much more effective in recent years, making the number of treatments far less than in the past. Laser hair removal uses light technology in order to remove unwanted hair from any area of your body. The laser emits a beam of light at a wavelength that targets your hair’s melanin and your hair follicle’s growth center. Melanin or chromophore is a natural material that gives your hair its colour. When absorbed by your hair follicles, laser impulses will destroy that natural material without damaging your skin that surrounds it. Laser hair removal technology destroys targeted hair follicles and when it is used properly, it does not harm any of your surrounding skin tissue. Lasers emit the wavelength required for your specific hair, making the treatment effective and efficient. The treatments are safe and provide proven results.

Why 5-7 Laser Hair Removal Sessions are Necessarygirl woman laser hair removal toronto igbeauty beautiful ontario sessions

When it comes to how many laser hair removal sessions should you get, there isn’t actually a magic number for anyone—it’s not an exact science. That’s because your hair grows in different cycles. For example, if you have a treatment in September, the laser targets the dark pigment of the hair follicles active in the growth cycle at the time. Those hair follicles will shed the hair over the next several days, or weeks. But you see, you then have other follicles that begin their growth cycle, which will be targeted in your next treatment session 4-6 weeks later. That’s why it takes multiple treatments to significantly reduce your number of hair producing follicles.

After multiple treatments, the number of follicles producing hair are permanently reduced. Each time you go for a treatment, the remaining follicles in their growth cycle are targeted. Then you can enjoy smooth skin free of most hair! Remember, everyone’s body is unique, including your hair and skin color and texture combination. Even your hormones which impact hair growth, are unique. That’s why each individual requires a customized approach to get their desired results. It is typical for 5-7 treatments to be the number, but it really depends on the uniqueness of the person.

What Makes IGBeauty A Solid Choice for Laser Hair Removal

We Use the Most Effective Lasers

We use different types of lasers for different body types and body parts so your treatments are customized to meet your individual needs. For example, we use the LightSheer® DUET™ and GentleMax Pro®. Best for darker hair and lighter skin, the Health Canada approved LightSheer® DUET™ is used for removing hair from your face, legs, bikini, back and arms. The technology is safe and effective. This laser also reduces the occurrence of ingrown hairs, rejuvenates the skin and offers other benefits.

The Nd:YAG  1064 nm laser is used for those with darker and tanned skin. This is the fastest and most powerful YAG laser and provides comfort with a cooling spray.

GentleMax Pro® Alexandrite laser 755 nm is used for lighter coloured and finer hair. This laser targets your hair follicles right at the root. GentleMax Pro® is considered faster and more comfortable than many other hair removal treatments, resulting in 80%-98% permanent hair reduction during the first few treatments.

As you can see, it is typical that only 5-7 laser hair removal sessions are necessary to experience the many benefits of laser hair removal. Since everyone is different, it is important to choose a laser hair removal clinic that offers the best laser for you. IGBeauty laser clinic in Toronto offers a wide range of lasers that effectively treat all different hair types, colours and body parts. Their qualified and experienced staff can answer any of your questions.

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