Can I do Laser Hair Removal During Summer? An Answer from the Pros!

May 31, 2018

In understanding the pros and cons of laser hair removal, it’s important to understand that you can undergo laser hair removal during summer. By any definition, laser hair removal requires a level of professional expertise, and in summer, health and safety issues are somewhat magnified.

For many men and women, “bikini” hair removal (or Brazilian) is an integral part of the summer season – it’s a time to wear skimpy bikinis or revealing swimwear. Being “hairless” at the beach or pool is essential as it makes most individuals feel more confident and beautiful, so understanding the laser procedure is important.

In general, there’s confusion about laser hair removal. From the actual clinic procedure, to the post treatment, gossip and chatter can often mask the effectiveness of the whole process. Just as an example, it’s certainly possible to get safe laser hair removal during summer without worry.

Yes – many men and women do get laser hair removal during summer

As Brazilian (and Manzilian) hair removal gains in popularity, summertime doesn’t really have to get in the way. For some clients, they just shift the hair removal area to spots that won’t get much sun in summer. For the bikini area and underarms the summer months don’t pose any problem.

No need to fear the sun during laser hair removal – lasers are more advanced than ever!

For the most part, myths about summer laser treatment arose from fears related to sun tanning and sun exposure after laser hair removal. While there are important facts to consider, there are also misconceptions that emerge, and these need to be addressed in order to provide clarity.

The concept of avoiding sun exposure (before and after laser hair removal) has its origins years ago when the laser technology had limitations. For example, lasers didn’t have much capacity to focus their wavelengths, and this presented limitations for targeting melanin and hair follicles.

Today, laser technology has advanced significantly, and the latest generation of lasers can target body hair very effectively without affecting the surrounding skin. It means that you can certainly get laser hair removal during summer, while doing your best to generally avoid sun exposure.

How can you be entirely sure of the effectiveness of laser hair removal?

Although laser hair removal has proven effective on any part of the body, there are parts that are more easily treated. When professionally managed, laser hair removal works very well with facial hair, armpit hair, and leg hair. With darker, coarser hair, the treatment is often more effective.

Results can be seen as early as after the first treatment!

Using the latest technologies, substantial hair reduction can be experienced even after the first treatment. Going forward, 5 to 8 treatments would be required, usually at 4 to 8 week intervals. After the final treatment, hair reduction could be up to 90% (and for some it could be 100%).

Depending on the treatment area, skin colour, and hair thickness, laser procedures vary from one client to another. That’s why treatment sessions and hair reduction results will vary. In addition, such factors as hormones and age will also be factors - things that a professional will address.

Is it true that you must avoid the sun for 72 hours before treatment?

Protection from the sun is important for all ages, and throughout the calendar year. Thankfully for most, the days of baking in the sun are history, and most everyone is cognizant about proper sun protection. As for laser hair removal treatment, protection from the sun is vitally important.

As a rule, no professional would administer laser treatment if you’ve been exposed to the sun 72 hours prior to laser hair removal. In fact, the best advice is to stay out of the sun completely for 72 hours before treatment. The increased risk of burning or scarring is too high to take a chance.

In terms of general skin care while tanning it’s crucial to apply sunscreen as protection. That lovely golden tan may look great today, but this type of sun exposure causes skin damage, and sets the stage for dry, wrinkly skin. Today, the overriding rule is to always use some sunscreen.

Can I get laser hair removal during summer if you still have a suntan?

If you do have a suntan, you can still get laser hair removal. With technology like LightSheer®

DUET™ and GentelMax Pro a laser technician can easily work with settings that effectively address darker skin. At the same time, because of the darker skin, the laser treatment cannot be as aggressive as usual.

Professional advice would be to wait with the sun tanning until after hair removal. But if you’ve already tanned, it’s not terrible – here the advice would be to stay away from the sun for at least two weeks prior to treatment. After all, any clinician would want to strive for the best results.

What you should be doing right after laser hair removal treatment?

Right after laser hair removal, the best advice is NOT to tan for the two weeks after treatment. And while avoiding sun exposure is optimal, applying sunscreen (SPF 30 and greater) over the treated area would be a good daily protocol. It’s also advisable to avoid any skin irritants for seven days.

Side effects after treatment are minimal

Laser hair removal sometimes results in redness and swelling – this is quite normal and may feel like a typical sunburn. While this should resolve very quickly after treatment, it’s still important to keep everything clean and sanitized. Exercise and physical exertion should also be avoided.

IGBeauty Studio offers effective laser hair removal during summer for any skin & hair type

At IGBeauty Studio, skilled laser technicians offer different laser systems for different hair types and skin colours. The skin care team will recommend the best approach for the best results

GentleMax Pro® Alexandrite laser 755nm - for lighter colored hair and fine hair

GentleMax Pro® targets hair follicles at the root for permanent hair removal. The treatment is easy on the skin and with minimal discomfort. GentleMax Pro® is faster and more comfortable than other treatments, with great percentage of   permanent hair reduction in as few as three treatments. There’s no more need for shaving or waxing, and many more years of smooth Nskin without any hassle.

GentleMax Pro® Nd: Yag laser 1064 nm - for removing body hair on darker skin

GentleMax Pro® is especially effective with dark skin and tanned skin. The GentleMax Pro® is the fastest, most powerful Nd: Yag  laser on the market. The patented system provides unparalleled comfort for clients, with a special cooling spray before and after the laser’s pulse. Professionally managed, this laser is also effective in remedying specific skin conditions.

LightSheer® DUET™ - for dark hair and lighter skin

For unwanted hair on the legs, face, and back, LightSheer® DUET™ provides comfortable and effective laser hair removal. With the new generation LightSheer® DUET™, complete hair removal is possible with 5 or 6 treatments. Each treatment removes more and more body hair, until ultimately the treated area becomes silky smooth and hair free. It’s ideal for darker hair.

You can rely on IGBeauty Studio for the best professional skin care

At IGBeauty Studio, getting laser hair removal during summer is no problem. We have skilled laser technicians with years of experience, who also specializes in Brazilian laser hair removal. Beyond our laser aesthetics, IGBeauty Studio also offers an extensive range of skin resurfacing and retouching treatments – something to suit every client’s skin type and skin condition. Call now to schedule an appointment at 647-764-7490 or visit the clinic website at FIND OUT ABOUT FREE UNDERARMS LASER HAIR REMOVAL.

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