Does Laser Hair Removal Affect Male Fertility or Erectile Function?

August 23, 2018

These days, it’s not uncommon for men to seek hair removal services for their genital areas. Man to man, the reasons vary (and probably aren’t that relevant). What men do want to be certain of is that laser hair removal doesn’t affect male fertility or erectile function.

As usual, there are competing discussions about the effects of laser hair removal on male fertility and erectile function. At the same time, there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of scientific or clinical studies, and as a result, everyone tends to carry on regardless.

For the most part, practitioners stay away from genital hair removal for men. It’s better that way because it requires proper training and the latest technologies. If you’re shopping around for this service, training and technology should be at the top of your priority.

Overall, laser hair removal doesn’t affect male fertility or erectile function

While some laser clinics may have undertaken their own “case studies”, there really isn’t any industry science about the negative effects of laser hair removal on male fertility or erectile function. The point is, genital laser hair removal for men will not contribute to beach no infertility laser hair removal beauty abs body toronto

In general, laser hair removal is safe, provided the technician is appropriately trained, and the laser equipment is accredited by Health Canada. Like any cosmetic treatment, precautions must be taken, but with genital hair removal, nothing suggests any effect on a man’s sperm count.

The fact is, laser hair removal targets the hair follicles – it does not penetrate deep into the skin and does not penetrate into the internal organs. This is actually true for every part of the body that may be targeted with a laser. Here again, it’s important that the technology is advanced.

Naturally, men have some common fears about having genital hair removal

Although men have some common fears about genital hair removal, not all of their concerns are health related. Indeed, one of their big fears is about getting an erection during treatment. This may well happen, but it’s not connected to sexual arousal (it's actually the heat of the laser).

As for more specific health concerns, professionally supervised laser hair removal doesn’t affect male fertility or erectile function. Nevertheless, there’s nothing wrong with asking questions, whether they be about the technician’s training, the treatment, or the technology being used.

IGBeauty Studio provides genital hair removal with the latest technologies

At IGBeauty Studio, our in-house clinician provides specialized Manzilian laser hair removal. We have the latest and most advanced laser technology - approved by both Health Canada and the FDA. Depending on skin colour, hair colour, and hair texture, genital laser hair removal requires 5 to 7 treatments for results that are long lasting. It’s considered safe and effective, and with professional oversight, laser hair removal doesn’t affect male fertility or erectile function. Find out more from one of our clinic specialists by scheduling an appointment at 416-484-4884 (or visit our company website at

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