How to Get the Most Benefits from Laser Hair Removal

October 01, 2018

You’ve had enough of undesirable body hair, endless razor burns, painful waxing procedures, and are finally preparing for your first laser hair removal treatment from IGBeauty? It is time to think how to get the most benefits from laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal works by targeting follicles of the hair that is actively growing, and thus preventing it from future growth. It has proven to be an effective solution for unwanted hair on any part of the body, including arms and armpits, legs and bikini area, chest and back, and even face. However, with laser hair removal, it is important to have a proper pre-treatment and careful post-care to ensure that the treatment goes smoothly, without any pain or side effects, and yields long-lasting results.

Luckily, at IGBeauty, we are true laser hair removal experts - we know all “ins” and “outs” of laser hair removal. Our laser technicians are highly skilled and experienced, and will guide you through every step of the process, from your first laser hair removal consultation to post-treatment care.

Get the Most Benefits from Laser Hair Removal Prep

While getting ready for your first laser hair removal procedure or a follow-up treatment, it is crucial to follow certain simple rules to avoid any undesirable side effects and minimize the down time.

Have a Consultation

A consultation with a laser hair removal professional from IGBeauty will allow us to assess your health and administer a test to determine whether the treatment suits you. We will determine which process will work best for you personally based on your skin tone, hair type, and the area to be treated. We will also decide how many procedures you will need and how frequently in order to achieve the best results possible. With our personalized expert advice, you can be sure to get all the benefits from laser hair removal.

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Do Not Tan Before Any TreatmentWear sunscreen before your laser treatment | IGBeauty

It is important to avoid prolonged sun exposure or tanning beds in the 2-4 weeks prior to your laser hair removal treatment. Wearing a sunscreen whenever you go outside would aslo be a good idea. If the laser is applied to freshly tanned skin, it could cause burns or even blistering.

Do Not Pluck or Wax Prior to the Laser Session

In the 2-4 weeks prior to the laser treatment, do not remove hair by the roots. Procedures, such as plucking or waxing, will remove the hair from the follicle, leaving nothing for laser to target. Avoiding procedures that remove the hair from the root will help you receive the most benefits from laser hair removal.

Shave and Clean the Day Before

One of the advantages of laser hair removal is that you don’t have to walk around all hairy in between the treatments. You can (and you should) safely shave your body hair right before the treatment. Cleanly shaved skin will assure that the laser can successfully target hair follicles to impede the growth.

It is also important to remove all dirt, makeup, and oil from the skin right before the treatment. Shower or wash the area to be treated with a gentle cleanser and apply gentle moisturizer.

After-Treatment Care for Best Laser Hair Removal Benefits

To maximize the benefits from laser hair removal and ensure permanent results with minimal side effects, you should follow several easy after-care principles.

Stay Out of the Sun

After the treatment, your skin will be more sensitive to the sun. Therefore, you should avoid sun exposure or tanning beds for up to 2 weeks following the treatment. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

On top of increased sensitivity, staying in the sun or tanning can complicate the follow-up laser treatments and the overall hair removal process.

Do Not Pluck or Wax After the Treatment

Soon after the procedure, the treated hair will start making its way out of the follicle, and it may seem like it is growing again. However, in 10 to 14 days, the hair will reach the “shedding stage” and start to fall out naturally. At this point, it’s important not to tweeze, pluck, or wax the treated areas. Ideally, you can easily remove the shedding hair with a soft cloth or towel. If the hair doesn’t fall out naturally, it simply means that the root is still alive, and that particular hair would have to be targeted in a follow-up treatment.

One of the major benefits from laser hair removal is that you can safely shave in between the procedures - just avoid any hair removal techniques that pull hair out by the roots.

Have Multiple Treatments for Best Results

The way laser hair removal works is that the laser targets the hair that is currently in the active growth phase. At any given time, however, some of your hair is growing, but some of it remains in the rest phase. Therefore, for most patients, 3 to 7 treatments one to two months apart are required for optimal results.

The good news is that the treatments are painless and relatively short in duration, meaning you can easily fit them in your schedule. After every single treatment, you will notice less and less hair growing in the treated area. The hair that continues to grow will be finer and lighter in colour.

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IGBeauty is the top laser hair removal expert in Toronto. We know how to get the most benefits from laser hair removal, and we will explain to you in detail all of the specifics of pre-treatment preparation and after-treatment care.

We use the most advanced laser technology on the market, and perform laser hair removal treatments for any part of the body, from head to toes. Contact us today to book your first laser hair removal consultation and start your journey to the razor-free future.

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