LightSheer Duet

Laser Hair Removal System by Lumenis - LightSheer Duet

Lightsheer Duet for Laser Hair RemovalAt IGBeauty we offer the latest technology for laser hair removal in Toronto. The LightSheer Duet is a non-invasive laser hair removal procedure that is fast, effective and only requires few sessions to remove unwanted hair permanently. It is effective for both light and dark skin types for safe hair removal.


Why Lightsheer Duet?

  • Efficient
  • Safe for all skin types
  • High speed enables short time for a single session
  • Most effective with satisfying and permanent results
  • Practically painless


Before performing a laser hair removal, a preoperative consultation is required to access:

  • Type of skin
  • Location, color and density of hair
  • Medical history related to procedures undergone and history of sores, outbreaks etc. in the treatment area
  • Presence of moles, scars or tattoos

Only after a detailed assessment, an appropriate laser treatment can be advised and the sessions required to undergo the procedure for permanent laser hair removal.


Lightsheer Duet is currently the best high speed device available in the market for permanent laser hair removal. This non-invasive treatment is safe, permanent and practically painless. Contact IGBeauty today to learn more about the procedure.

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