Guide to Having Younger Looking Skin that Improves Your Mental Wellbeing

June 21, 2016

It feels surreal when you look in the mirror and notice signs of aging on your reflection. Our first reaction would be to panic, you will start to think, “Am I that old?” and then start to search for the best ways to hide your fine lines, wrinkles, or eye bags. Worry not, everyone has gone through this stage of life at one point or another! As evident, the cosmetic market is full with useful ways to improve one’s complexion. There is no doubt that looking younger improves your mental wellbeing; we love looking good and young. Having a younger looking skin allows you to be comfortable in your own skin ─ even allowing you to go as far as admiring it. This article aims to provide you with a full-on guide to attaining younger looking skin and to discuss the benefits of getting looking and feeling your best.

Have a daily skincare routine

Daily routine is the most critical habits that will directly affect your skin conditions and long-term complexion. You will need to follow a few firm guidelines in order to acquire and maintain a well-nourished and healthy skin. For both daytime and nighttime, the steps go as follow: Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize, and apply sunscreen (daytime only). Cleansing your skin using a gentle cleanser will remove debris, oil, and sweat that helps your skin to absorb other products better. Then, you need to gently exfoliate dead skin cells regularly to avoid acne and skin build-up. Toner and moisturizers will then help smoothen, calm, and improve your skin’s healthy functions ─ ensuring that your skin is properly hydrated is essential in preventing skin complications. Lastly, during daytime, sunscreen is critical in protecting your skin against the damaging UV light that could degenerate your skin cells and accelerate aging.

Follow through with occasional advanced skincare treatments

Following your daily routine, you will then need to occasionally apply an advanced skincare treatment. This might include visits to beauty clinic for light facial or an amplified application of beauty products at home. Advanced skincare treatments are targeted towards your needs. For example, if your face has excess dead skin cell, then an exfoliating facial mask might be in order. Advanced skincare treatments include products might include products such as anti-aging serum, boosters, facial masks, lip care, and much more. It is best to experiment with different products or facial treatments to find ones that are most suitable to your skin type.

Consult a beauty clinic or dermatologist

If you have picked up the routines mentioned above, then it is time to move towards advanced treatments. Sometimes, there are skin conditions, such as scarring, aging lines, and freckles, that could not be overcome by home remedies. To overcome these conditions, professional treatments might be needed. It is thus best to visit a beauty clinic or dermatologist to get a professional opinion and explore your options. Treatments such as micro-needling and various laser procedures fix your skin conditions almost instantly with very few side effects.

The benefits of having a younger looking skin are enormous. At IGBeauty, we often encounter clients who become much more confident after treating their aging skin. We understand the power of beauty and we want to you experience it as we are fully prioritize in making our clients comfortable in their own skin. If you are interested in exploring the different treatments that will serve you best, please consult our specialists at (416) 484-4884. IGBeauty is a premium cosmetology and laser clinic in Toronto, we have over 35 years of experiences in the skincare and wellness industries. We look forward to helping you attain your best self!

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