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March 25, 2016

How many times in your life have you been bothered or irritated by unwanted body hair? How often do you wonder whether or not you should be doing something else less painful than waxing, plucking or as time consuming as shaving? With the latest and most advanced technology available to clinics and spas, at IG Beauty our skin professionals are able to offer some of the best solutions for hair removal. Be it for a man or woman, old or young, laser hair removal can help you. Laser hair removal is a quick, painless and long lasting solution to removing unwanted body hair. Laser hair removal can work in the smallest, and largest of places on your body; be it from facial hair to arm hair to leg hair.

Some women may feel self conscious about their bikini lines or underarms, while some men may feel self conscious about their hair on their back. There are amazing solutions to removing these unwanted hairs, and one is through laser hair removal. Through laser hair removal, men and women will be able to feel confident in their own body- feeling great on the inside and out. Laser hair removal delivers smooth, touchable skin without the pain of waxing or inconvenience of shaving.

There are various different laser hair removal remedies offered, however, at IG Beauty, we provide some of the safest, most effective laser hair removal for our clients. Our skin care professionals use a device called ‘LightSheer Duet’ that is used to permanently stop hair from growing back on the areas that you are treating.

This process is not only amazing on smaller areas, such as bikini lines and underarms, but it is also effective on larger areas, such as arms or legs. Do you ever just want to throw on a dress and not worry about having to shave pesky hairs away? Laser hair removal may be your solution. It is an effective, long lasting, hair removal process that will leave your legs and arms, and anywhere else you wish to remove hair, silky and smooth! Your only effort for the night out might just be to moisturize your skin so it can give off an amazing glow!

How about not having to manage any facial hair for the rest of your life? How amazing does that sound? Laser hair removal can also be used on areas on your face. Be it from cheek hair, upper lip, to neck to eyebrows – laser hair removal will work for you. You will have the look of a flawless face all year round.

Depending on your skin and hair type, and your body’s general reaction to the laser hair removal, the amount of sessions you many need to attend will vary. Some clients experience the benefits of laser hair removal immediately, and some others may have to attend up to six sessions. It truly depends on how your body and hair react to the laser hair removal process. In order for the ‘LightSheer Duet’ laser hair removal device to be as effective as clients want, it is suggested that the average person attends 5-6 sessions.

Our IG Beauty professionals will be able to answer all of your questions, be it big or small, regarding the ‘LightSheer Duet’ laser hair removal process. They are trained and fully knowledgeable on how to best take care of your skin. Visit our website,, or call for more information, 647-764-7490. The laser hair removal treatments at IG Beauty will give you that smooth, beautiful, sexy skin that you have always wanted.

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