Why You Should Stop Using Hair Removal Cream

November 13, 2023

Many of us desire the look and feel of smooth and hairless skin. Methods vary when achieving these results, anywhere from shaving to laser hair removal in Toronto. A common approach is hair removal creams, which are often sold as a painless process, at affordable prices, and are easily accessible. However, more often than not, that is not the case. The best approach to effective and long lasting hair removal is laser hair removal at a trusted laser clinic in Toronto like IGBeauty. Our leading laser services allow you to target a range of areas, even Brazilian laser hair removal, safely and effectively. To learn more about our laser hair removal services and the benefits of working with our team of specialists, read on or book a consultation. 

How Hair Removal Creams Work

Brazilian laser hair removalBefore understanding the benefits of switching away from laser hair removal creams in favour of alternatives such as laser hair removal, it helps to know how these hair removal cream products actually work. In summary, thioglycolic acid breaks down the protein that protects the hair follicle, dissolving it out of the skin. However, it doesn't remove the hair from the root under the skin. This can cause uneven results, one of the many negative aspects of this method.

Reasons You should Avoid Hair Removal Creams

Temporary Results

Though hair removal creams are easy to use and accessible, it doesn't provide the best results. As the cream simply dissolves the hairs, it doesn't attack the follicle at the root. It is recommended to use these products every few days to keep consistent results. Therefore, it can be compared to the results of shaving. If you want more permanent results, look into laser hair removal in Toronto. With the recommended sessions, you no longer need to worry about the hassle of hair removal!

High Concentrations of Chemicals

Hair removal creams are known to be cocktails of different chemicals. With such a high concentration of chemicals, there are increased risks for chemical burns, rashes and irritation. This includes experiencing redness, itchiness, burning sensations, and possible swelling. It obviously depends on the individual; however, it's relatively common when not used properly, and it can be challenging to do so as it is an at-home product. It is advised for people prone to allergic reactions or sensitive skin to avoid these products. When buying these types of products, it's a known fact that it is loaded with chemicals, so how willing are you to put your skin in danger of damage? Especially in sensitive areas, look into services like Brazilian laser hair removal.

Unpleasant Odours

Due to the chemicals in this product, it's difficult to mask the strong smell of chemicals. Not only that, but when the chemical reacts to the hair follicles, it produces another odour that is commonly described as rotten eggs. As companies try to mask these smells as much as possible, it becomes a mixture of smells that become increasingly worse. Hair removal creams are the only hair removal method with this problem. Consult professionals at our laser clinic in Toronto, IGBeauty, to find the best hair removal method for you. 

Say Goodbye to Creams and Hello to Laser Hair Removal

At IGBeauty, we strongly advocate for becoming more confident in your skin. With laser hair removal services, always feel your best with permanent results and painless appointments. Our technicians are highly qualified and licensed; some even have medical degrees! Come visit our clinic in Toronto or contact us today to book a consultation so we can answer and address any questions or concerns. 

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