Why the End of Summer is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

June 08, 2020

End of Summer Laser Hair Removal in TorontoWhile laser hair removal is a good idea year-round, laser hair removal in Toronto is usually best at the end of the summer. We always suggest getting rid of your unwanted body hair near the end of the summer or the beginning of fall. Keep reading to find out why this time of the year is best for laser hair removal in Toronto.

How Laser Hair Removal Works 

Laser hair removal is a safe alternative to waxing or shaving that permanently removes unwanted body hair. The laser uses light wavelength technology to target the melanin at the root of the hair follicle, damaging the follicle and removing the hair. 

After 5-7 treatments, you will have smooth, hair-free skin and never have to worry about waxing or shaving again. After each treatment, a portion of your hair gets removed until you are entirely hair-free. Depending on your skin tone, hair colour or the smoothness of skin, the number of treatments required may vary. 

Why the End of the Summer is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal 

Summer tan is beginning to fade 

Although there are a variety of lasers to accommodate different hair colours and skin tones, laser hair removal works best when there is a contrast between your skin and hair. That’s why it’s recommended to do laser removal treatments toward the end of summer. Once your tan begins to fade, we recommend coming in for your first treatment.

No need to worry about sun exposure after treatments

The main reason for starting your hair removal journey at the end of summer is to limit your time in the sun. Your skin becomes very sensitive to the sun’s UV rays post-treatment for at least two weeks, so you need to limit your exposure to avoid sun damage. We recommend starting your treatments in the fall or near the end of the summer as you can easily avoid the sun during those times of the year. We know limiting your time outdoors in the sun can be difficult for some individuals, and that is why we recommend always wearing sunscreen with SPF 30 or greater on the treated area if it is visible to the sun. 

Start treatment on exterior body parts once summer has come to an end

Not all body parts get sun exposure, so treating those areas can be done at any time of the year. However, we recommend beginning your laser hair removal treatments for your legs, arms, face, or back during a time of year when you aren’t sunbathing or tanning excessively. Following our recommendation will allow for optimal results and will ensure that there is no sun damage to exposed skin post-treatments. 

Cover up while your hair sheds

The last part of the laser hair removal process is the shedding of your unwanted hair, which is called the ‘telogen’ phase. This phase is most comfortable when you can wear long clothes to cover up the shedding, and again another reason to start procedures once summer is coming to an end. 

Visit IGBeauty for your laser hair removal in Toronto 

At IGBeauty, your comfort and safety are of our utmost concern. You never have to worry about safety at our laser hair removal clinic in Toronto, as all our laser technicians and aestheticians are highly trained in the latest technology in the beauty industry. 

Call us for an online consultation or visit our Toronto location to learn more about the laser hair removal process. 


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