Worried About Your Progress if You Miss a Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

June 16, 2020

laser hair removal treatment in TorontoDon’t worry—it’s no big deal to miss a treatment or two.

Hair follicles grow in phases, and laser hair removal works by targeting hair follicles in their growth phase multiple times. We space your appointments out 6-8 weeks so your hair can return to its growth phase for optimal results.

That’s why it’s not an issue to wait a little longer—your hair has already returned to its growth phase. Whatever progress you’ve already made with hair reduction will remain, even if you notice more hair growing back.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment Work?

The laser emits light, which is absorbed by melanin pigment inside each hair. Next, this light is converted into heat, which destroys the hair follicle (hair root). This process is the most successful during an Anagen (active) hair growth phase. This active hair growth phase repeats approximately every 4-12 weeks, and it depends on the body area.

We usually wait a little longer between each laser session to catch the right moment of an Anagen hair growth phase. That’s because each time you endure a laser hair removal session, it takes longer for your hair to be in the Anagen growth phase again. You will get better results from laser hair removal treatments after this period of time and a missed laser hair removal session Does Not Mean Starting Over!

Is it Bad to Miss Appointments?

Our clients often ask if missing laser treatment will affect the overall result of their hair removal. Especially after being in social isolation for more than the allocated time in between sessions. Will the achieved results of the previous procedures be lost? The answer is definitely not!

While missing treatments will obviously make your hair reduction process take a little longer, it will not drastically affect your results. Hair follicles grow in several phases, and those growth cycles repeat consistently. So, if you miss the growth phase within the 6-8 week period, no problem, we will just have to perform the laser hair removal in the following growth phase. 

More Hair Than Usual is Growing Back, What do I do?

If you did a few laser sessions before isolation, but now are noticing more hair growth than before when missing a treatment, don’t worry! It just means your hair is in the next growth cycle and we will successfully remove it after quarantine. All active hair growth cycles that were covered before with your previous laser hair removal sessions are not going to return.

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