Treatment Options for Folliculitis

April 14, 2016

Folliculitis is considered an inflammatory condition, which affects the hair follicles. Physically, it appears in the form of a small, reddish, tender bump usually surrounding a hair (follicle). It’s a condition where a few follicles, or hundreds of follicles, may be affected, situated anywhere that hair grows. In fact, acne vulgaris, that facial rash associated with teenagers, is a specific type of folliculitis. Clearly, there are various causes, and various treatments, depending on severity.

Some cases of folliculitis require no treatment, and will resolve naturally, while other cases may require antibiotic treatment (for patients who prefer that approach). That’s why it’s so important to have the condition properly identified. At IGBeauty, the skin care team includes a Medical Doctor and Medical Esthetician, along with trained skin care professionals experienced with folliculitis. At IGBeauty Studio, you’ll find the perfect balance between nature and technology.

There are countless medications and creams that can be prescribed for folliculitis, but once again, it all depends on the extent and severity of the condition. Needless to say, aggressive treatments like steroid creams may have side effects. These are all issues that should be deliberated with a skin care specialist, prior to any treatment. For those interested in a less aggressive approach, but more natural alternative, the team at IGBeauty can customize an appropriate treatment plan.

Clearly, there’s a difference between a case of mild folliculitis and a severe case. As such, there’s also a difference in treatment options. By definition, “acute folliculitis” can be appropriately treated with antibiotics or antihistamines.  On the other hand, “chronic folliculitis” might be more difficult to treat. Most importantly, it’s not the right time for homemade remedies and certainly not the right time for an aesthetician without the experience and expertise to treat the condition.

The good news is that folliculitis will rarely cause additional, more severe problems. However, those who have experienced folliculitis in the past are more likely to deal with it again in future. For the skin care team at IGBeauty, a proper diagnosis is key to success – here, a complementary (no obligation) consultation will set the stage for effective treatment and healing. Once assessed, a treatment plan is recommended, along with a timetable, and a follow-up home care regimen.

Importantly, there are ways to prevent folliculitis, and of course, ways to prevent recurrence. For example, avoiding tight clothes reduces friction between skin and clothing. It’s also advisable to shave body hair with care, and always keep the process clean and hygienic.  Indeed, hair removal techniques like laser hair removal could be an effective preventative. This may take a number of treatments, and should always be administered by a professional with appropriate equipment.

At IGBeauty Studio, clients are in the very best of hands. The medical team is highly experienced, and the skin care aestheticians are expertly trained. We have the latest in technologies, the most modern equipment, and we carry the best skin products in the world. From head to toe, clients can feel assured of quality and excellence.

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