The Best Scar Treatments in Toronto

November 18, 2015

Many of us have scars on our body from when we were kids, from growing up with acne, or from stretch marks and C sections. If you’re looking for the best laser scar removal treatments in Toronto, this article will educate you on the subject as well as guide you to where you should go for your scar treatments in Toronto.

To start, scar reduction therapy also known as microneedling in Toronto can manage and reduce the following; acne scars, burn scars, stretch marks, pore size reductions, hyper-pigmentation, chicken pox scars, isolated scarring, C section scarring, sagging skin, and hair loss therapy. The way scar reduction works is through a fine needle system that’s applied to the skin. When the needles are applied and penetrated into the skin, it brings out new skin cells to heal over-top of the scarred area. It also produces new collagen when used on the face, to help repair damaged areas.

There are scar treatments in Toronto that are offered by professional estheticians that help target scars on areas all over the body. These scar treatments in Toronto can take anywhere between two to six weeks before you start to see long lasting results. Your skin continues to heal itself for the following six to 12 months after your final treatment. Each appointment can last up to one or one and a half hours, depending on the area that the estheticians are trying to repair.

There are many different beauty studio’s that offer scar treatments in Toronto, however; one of the best is IGBeauty. IGBeauty uses the most up to date technology for their scar reduction treatments, which helps to reduce recovery time after appointments. The redness that you see after scar treatments means that it’s working, so do not be alarmed if you encounter this. But the redness should go down almost immediately after. There may be a barely noticeable pink tint on your skin 12-24 hours after your treatment.

Your skin may also become dry in the areas that you are treating. Do not be alarmed, because this is normal. When scar treatments in Toronto are performed, which is the Canadian city with some of the most up to date technology in the industry, it’s common to see a little bit of a pink tint. The reason why your skin turns dry is because it is self exfoliating, relieving itself of the dead skin that used to be the scarred area. Just be sure to moisturize daily and stay out direct sunlight.

Scar treatments in Toronto also offer patients some of the best recovery creams and rollers in order to speed up the process of healing the scars between appointments. For example, the Dermaroller is recommended to be used in scar treatments in Toronto, as it stimulates the skin, bringing out an increased number of new skin cells. Additionally, through the Dermaroller, the essential healing products penetrate deeper into the skin producing an increased recovery time for the scar tissue by rejuvenating the skin cells.

Although there are many different beauty studio’s that offer scar treatments in Toronto, IGBeauty is considered one of the best. At our leading skin care clinic, our scar treatment services do wonders for those who have been affected by scarring throughout their lifetime. Visit our website for more information or to book an appointment.

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