The benefits of facial peels

September 11, 2015

Facial peels are a minimally invasive skin treatment ideal for both women AND men. For those who want to restore that youthful, healthy glow, facial peels are fitting at any age and for most skin conditions. Whether its sun exposure, clogged pores, or a mild acne condition, facial peels can improve skin tone, diminish fine lines, and enhance lifeless skin. In short, facial peels can really make a difference between the “before” and the “after”.

For some, the sound of “facial peels” is a little daunting. But the truth is, nothing is really “peeled”. It’s more of a chemical solution that’s carefully applied to the skin to dissolve the top-most layers of skin. With facial peels, skin tissue is dissolved and the skin commences a process of healing itself with new tissue. Clearly, chemical formulas are involved, so it’s vital for the procedure to be handled by a professional under supervised clinic conditions.

Benefits of Facial Peels

Facial peels are recognized by the medical community to be one of the least invasive skin treatments. And the benefits for most skin conditions and skin types are measurable.

  • Diminished wrinkles, lines and damage
  • Smoother skin and brighter complexion
  • Minimum “down time” during treatment
  • Improvement of sun-damaged skin areas
  • Enhanced skin tone, smooth skin texture
  • Stimulated cell renewal, collagen growth
  • Minimized acne scarring and blemishing

Like other skin treatments, facial peels are available in a variety of options, mostly based on client need – age-related issues, acne scarring, skin damage, even regular maintenance. A professional clinician would be able to recommend a treatment plan that’s best suited, whether it’s a superficial peel, a medium peel, or a deep peel. Needless to say, deep facial peels will have more potential for general discomfort and overall recovery time.

What to Expect at Your Skin Care Clinic in Toronto for Peels

Superficial facial peels are the mildest of the procedures, and are appropriate for all skin types. These facial peels remove only a small layer of outer skin, and are most commonly used to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, mild skin scarring, and minor skin discoloration. It’s recommended that superficial facial peels be repeated every few weeks, with a total of 6 treatments for best results. This, of course, will depend on the individual client.

Medium facial peels penetrate deeper than superficial facial peels and are designed to remove more of the middle layers of skin. Medium facial peels are suggested for clearing pores, reducing wrinkles, diminishing blemishes, and improving areas of the skin that are sun damaged. These facial peels can potentially cause skin redness for a few short days, with skin fully healed and rejuvenated in the span of about two weeks (after treatment).

Deep facial peels are considered somewhat more aggressive – they cause skin to “burn”, and penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin. Deep facial peels are used for treating severe skin discoloration, deep wrinkles, serious scarring, and sometimes skin growths. Full recovery could take a few months because of the nature of treatment. And once again, it’s critical to have professional supervision and a team of proficient clinicians at a local skin care clinic in Toronto.

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