The Benefits and Risks of Facial Laser Hair Removal for Men and Women

October 26, 2015

Facial hair is one of the more transformative features that our body can have. A man with a well-groomed beard automatically appears more rugged and masculine, thanks to the prevalence of beards throughout art history. The same is true for women, albeit with different groupings of facial hair and a focus on the removal of hair through methods like facial laser hair removal in Toronto instead of the proliferation of facial hair. Sharply contoured eyebrows can transform how face first strikes the observer’s gaze, and even a touch up of excess hair around the temples can change someone’s appearance.

What to Expect from Facial Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

Hair removal is becoming more popular as techniques are developed and perfected over time, and facial laser hair removal is one of the only techniques available that can achieve facial hair removal that is virtually permanent. Unlike shaving, which is tedious and can leave you with cuts and bleeding, facial laser hair removal can be completed in virtually no time at all. Only a few sessions are required to touch up the desired areas, but aside from that, you can start to forget about facial hair removal after as little as one facial laser hair removal program has been completed.

How Laser Compares to Traditional Hair Removal

Waxing and plucking are painful and potentially harmful to the delicate hair follicles of the eyebrows. Facial laser hair removal is relatively painless and does not harm the hair follicles whatsoever. A handheld device that emits a powerful laser is dragged over the area to be treated. The technician administering the treatment and the patient must both wear special protective glasses or risk damaging their eyes thanks to the powerful light emitted by the laser.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

The heat from the laser damages the hair follicles by getting absorbed by the melanin present in the hair follicle. Melanin is the protein in our skin and hair that gives it colour – the more melanin you have, the darker the colour of your hair or skin. The melanin present in the facial hair being treated will absorb the heat and damage the hair follicle such that it won’t be able to grow a hair again.

Unfortunately, this leads to a disadvantage of laser hair removal: it’s not for everyone. The less melanin you have present in your skin and hair follicles, the less effective laser hair removal is going to be. People of all skin tones and hair colours will be able to take advantage of laser hair removal, but once you reach a certain age, your hair begins to lose its colour as melanin content wanes; this is the time when laser hair removal will no longer be as effective.

Embrace the Future of Hair Removal with IGBeauty

The other unfortunate part about facial laser hair removal is that it cannot be reversed. Before booking a facial laser hair removal session, ensure that you’ve thought through the permanent nature of the service.

Be sure to get your facial laser hair removal Toronto treatments completed at a clinic like IG Beauty that specializes in facial laser hair removal and other laser hair removal techniques. Contact IG Beauty today to book your free consultation today.

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