Taking Care of Your Skin in Your 20’s (and Beyond)

April 29, 2016

When it comes to skin care, it’s never too early to adopt healthy habits and lifestyle practices. And although we often think about skin care as “face care”, the entire body is made of skin. The thing is, there’s much more to skin care than just skin care products, and nothing can compare with a preventive approach. The beauty of starting to take care in your 20’s is that healthy habits will become routine, and lifestyle choices will become consistent and natural.

For many, the 20’s are a time when taking care of personal needs becomes integral (inside and out). The key is to start early, particularly because good habits are long lasting. Everyone is going to get older and everyone’s skin will change with age. So adopting a good skin care regimen at an early stage will only deliver dividends as time evolves. Needless to say, some of us are lucky to have better skin physiology than others – it still means having discipline.

It’s important to stick to a skin care regimen

For the best results, skincare should be a routine. Experts agree that it’s most important to stick to a regimen. Here, choosing appropriate skincare products (for your skin type) should also be part of the plan. Needless to say, diet and lifestyle (smoking and drinking) will be impactful.

It’s much better not to sleep with makeup on

One of the most important skin care routines should be to remove makeup before going to sleep. Not doing so will clog the skin pores, allowing residual oil and dirt to accumulate. Let’s say it’s as easy and routine as brushing your teeth – a quick face wash before bedtime will do just fine.

Protecting the face and neck area from sun

It sounds like overkill already, but protecting face and neck from the sun is an absolute necessity – even when the sun is not shining. Clearly, avoidance is the key, but it’s a good habit to use SPF lotions whenever outside. Anyone who thinks a tan is cool is making a bad judgment call.

A daily skin moisturizer might be required

For some, depending on the skin condition, it’s important to replace the lack of natural moisture with a product moisturizer. Here, young or old, the preference is often a natural product, perhaps with organic ingredients – something that will do a good job, without harmful chemicals.

Do not pick at acne, blackheads, or pimples

As tempting as it is, picking at acne, blackheads, or pimples is not recommended. Beyond doing more damage to the skin, there’s also the potential for scarring. Deal with the specific problem (whatever it is) and where required, seek professional skin care advice for best results.

Protect the eyes and delicate area around

Stress and tiredness can result in puffy eyes and dark circles (not to mention “crow’s feet”). This is where a good eye cream might be appropriate, restoring moisture to a very delicate area of the face. As well, wearing sunglasses will protect both the skin and the eyes (UV Rays).

From time to time, it’s also good to get professional consultation from those who know skin care. At IGBeauty Studio, the team of aestheticians is knowledgeable and experienced, offering trusted skin care advice, and the finest brand name products in the business.

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