How to Survive Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

June 23, 2016

If you’ve struggled to keep your lady parts smooth and hair-free for a long time, then you must know the pain of undergoing waxing, shaving or sugaring. Now, however, you no longer have to worry about going through those frequent, and expensive treatments anymore! Rejoice with the newest and least painful full hair removal technology for your lady parts: Brazilian Laser Hair Removal. With Brazilian Laser Hair removal, you can achieve an even better result than other methods with very little pain and longer lasting hair-free skin. You will have silky smooth skin ready for your special occasions with minimal effort! If you are interested but unfamiliar with this new popular procedure, this article will help you understand what you will need to prepare for your first Brazilian Laser Hair Removal.

The Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is a permanent technique for hair removal that eliminates pubic hair. When it is done, you get amazing results, as the hair is removed from underneath the skin and comes out completely. If you are interested in the procedure, the most crucial factor that you will need to check is your skin health. Brazilian Laser Hair Removal requires you to have a healthy skin to prevent any complications after the treatment. If you have any “cold sores” or herpes simplex infections, you should consult your clinic as the laser might trigger these infections to occur again. Furthermore, you also have to avoid waxing, thread, or sugaring prior to treatment, although you will need to shave for the procedure. It is also crucial that  you find a certified technician to ensure a good result and a safe laser hair removal procedure.

The most common side effect for a laser hair treatment is laser burn. To avoid the risks of getting one, you will need to avoid tanning for at least a week before the treatment. It must also be noted that patients with darker complexion have higher risks of laser burn as their skin absorb more laser light than their counterparts. After the treatment, common complications include redness and swelling. They should be expected to last for 12 – 24 hours in most cases. Other rare potential adverse complications include blister and burns that will improve with normal routine wound care. Nonetheless, overall, Brazilian Laser Hair Removal imposes only minor complications that will heal almost immediately (within a day or two) and leave you with a perfect smooth and glowing skin. It is a great alternative from other hair removal treatments that are less incisive and less permanent.

If you are considering getting your first Brazilian Laser Hair Removal treatment, feel free to contact us at (416) 484-4884, or email us at; our specialists look forward on helping you. IGBeauty is a Toronto based premium beauty clinic that specializes in laser and aesthetic treatments. We offer the best services to our clients to help them with their individual needs. All of our procedures are given by experienced staff who, in total have over 35 years of experience in the skin care industries collectively. Our staff are licensed and continuously update their knowledge about the newest technology, services, and products to help you look and feel great.

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