IGBeauty: Spider Vein Removal With Nd:YAG Laser in Toronto

April 25, 2018

Spider vein removal with the Nd:YAG Laser in Toronto is a process that can rid you of unsightly veins. Before making an appointment with a clinic for spider vein removal with Nd:YAG Laser in Toronto, ensure that you understand everything involved with the procedure.

What are spider veins and what causes them?

Spider veins are smaller versions of varicose veins. They appear close to your skin’s surface and are either red or blue in colour. They look like spider webs or tree branches, hence their name. Spider veins form when there is a backup of blood in certain areas of the body like the legs and face. They can also be caused by hormonal changes, injuries and sun exposure. Spider vein removal with the Nd:YAG Laser in Toronto will rid you of these unseemly veins no matter what has caused them to form.

How does spider vein removal with the Nd:YAG Laser in Toronto work?

When you go in for your treatment, a trained technician will use the Nd:YAG Laser system. This system is able to pierce the skin without damaging the tissue. Using a focused beam of light, the selected vein is destroyed through intense heat. The procedure itself takes about an hour and you can resume your normal activities afterwards. After approximately six weeks, the destroyed vein is reabsorbed into your body before disappearing completely.

Is the Nd:YAG Laser safe?

The reason this particular laser system is used is because it is FDA and Health Canada approved. The Nd:YAG Laser is handheld, making it easy for the technician to maneuver the device and it contains a cooling tip allowing your discomfort to be minimized. Furthermore, the Nd:YAG Laser provides a precise energy dosage to each blood vessel without hurting or even touching the surrounding vessels and inner structures.

What do you need to do before your spider vein laser removal?

The Nd:YAG Laser treatment requires little preparation on your part. During your initial consultation, your technician will explain how the procedure works and what you can expect in the weeks that follow. In the 2 week leading up to your treatment you’ll need to abstain from smoking and alcohol because they can hamper the body’s natural healing process. Additionally, you’ll be told to stay out of the sun and only take medications that were prescribed by your doctor. On the day of your treatment, wear loose, comfortable clothing and stay away from creams, lotions and moisturizers (basically anything you would put on your skin besides body wash or soap).

Are you a good candidate for laser spider vein removal?

Luckily, spider veins are cosmetic, and most people are ideal candidates for the laser procedure. Varicose veins, on the other hand, cannot be treated with the Nd:YAG laser.

Spider vein removal with the Nd:YAG Laser in Toronto is available at IGBeauty. Please contact us today for more information about the procedure and to book your consultation. Spider veins can be embarrassing, but you don’t have to live with them anymore.

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