Taking Care Of Your Skin As A Teenager Has Benefits As An Adult

April 17, 2017

As everyone knows, it's practically impossible to experience the teenage years without some type of skin complaint. The conditions range from oily skin to blackheads, to acne. And, of course, the severity varies from teenager to teenager. What’s important is to take proper care of the skin in the same way as the rest of the body.

The challenges for teenagers can be significant – after all, hormonal changes (boys and girls) play a big part in skin conditions. And then there’s the issue of puberty. Again, these are changes to the entire body, and everyone is affected differently. When it comes to skincare, it means that every approach will differ by the individual.

While the skincare market is full of products and promis es, there are fundamental things that can be done throughout the teenage years to set the stage for the adult years. In fact, establishing the basics early on will bring the best results down the line. Here, it’s wise to stay away from those “miracle” cures and “old wives” tales.

Cleansing carefullyskin care toronto

Clean skin is key to proper skincare, especially for those with oily skin or dry skin. Cleansing has to be deliberate and routine, considering that many girls wear makeup, and play sports.

Wash off makeup

Washing off makeup before bedtime is essential to maintaining clean skin. It may be a pain, but the extra effort is worth the short-term cleanliness and the potential for long-term issues.

Exfoliate the skin

The experts recommend exfoliating on a regular basis, and with a gentle product. They also warn against scrubbing too much, and over-exfoliating. Getting good advice here is valuable.

Sharing makeup

Sharing makeup is a definite NO – it’s a perfect recipe for sharing germs. This is particularly true with lip products and eye products. By any definition, hygiene is vital to good skin care.

Keep hands clean

Whether its general health or skin health, keeping hands clean will protect from dirt and germs. Importantly, hands should be clean and sanitary before touching any part of the face.

Wearing sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is probably the most essential of skincare fundamentals. The protection afforded by sunblock obviously safeguards the skin short term but is critical for the long term.

NO tanning beds

Tanning beds (as well as sun tanning) do more harm than good. Apart from serious skin issues, the potential for skin wrinkles is multiplied – why even take the risk as the years go by.

Expert Advice

Seeking expert advice from skin care specialists can go a long way in setting the stage for proper skin care as adulthood approaches. Healthy habits and healthful routines have longevity.

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