How the Environment Affects Skin – and What To Do About It

April 22, 2016

For the most part, we don’t look at our day-to-day environment as dangerous. But in truth, there are plenty of natural elements that can pose a danger – and we can’t even see them. Some of the environmental elements have proven harmful effects on the skin, so it’s important to understand them, and even more important to avoid the potential for permanent damage. And while there are a host of skin products and treatments to address various issues, the best is prevention.

Sunshine and Sunray

Sunshine and sunrays have more potential to cause skin damage than any environmental factor. Not many realize, but a tan or sunburn is actually skin damage – and it causes skin to age before its time. Ultra-violet sunrays destroy elastin and collagen, which in turn contributes to wrinkles.  Excessive sunshine can also over stimulate the skin’s pigment cells, resulting in brown spots. Needless to say, the worst-case scenario with extreme sun exposure is skin cancer.

Polluted Atmosphere

Amongst many other eco-issues, air pollution and pollutants can directly affect the skin’s capacity to maintain moisture. Dust and dirt particles can clog skin pores and even increase the potential for bacteria to gather on the face. In some cases, polluted air can exacerbate conditions like dermatitis or eczema. It’s therefore essential to keep the face clean throughout the day. It may sound insignificant, but the effects of polluted air can contribute to poor skin quality.

Cold Winter Weather

Skin generally looks better in humid weather. It’s simply because it better maintains moisture. At the same time, dry weather and air will rob the skin of moisture. In addition, skin becomes more sensitive in cold weather. The thing is, cold air slows blood circulation, and so skin cells get less oxygen. Interestingly, going from the cold outside to the warm inside can also aggravate the skin. Here, drinking plenty of water is a sure way to keep the skin appropriately hydrated.

Heat and Hot Weather

For those who cannot stand the heat, it’s a good idea to avoid it. For some, hot weather can cause skin to be irritated. And although natural perspiration is designed to help the body under these circumstances, sweat can also have negative side effects. Keeping the body cool seems to be the key – whether it means staying entirely out of the heat or showering during the day. With heat and hot weather, the effects and symptoms may well get worse with advancing age.

Prevention and Treatment

As always, prevention is key to skin health. Beyond that, the skin care team at IGBeauty Studio can offer cosmetic treatments and skin therapy for skin conditions of all types. With a Medical Doctor and Medical Esthetician on staff, IGBeauty Studio is committed to providing the best in skin care – with state-of-the-art technology, the finest products on the market, and the perfect balance between nature and science. Best of all, every client is offered a personal consultation and custom profiling at no charge.

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