Rosacea Treatments to Reduce Facial Redness

September 26, 2017

Rosacea is a chronic and quite common skin condition that typically affects the area of the face. It makes your face turn red, may cause some swelling and develop skin sores that look similar to acne. It usually affects the areas of the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. Although there is no cure at the moment, IGBeauty clinic offers modern rosacea treatments to reduce facial redness and diminish the unsightly bumps and scars that can appear on your face. Rosacea can become bothersome and very embarrassing condition for the affected individuals. If left untreated it can get worse and have frequent re-occurrences.

Lumenis M22 IPL used to treat rosacea and facial redness

At IGBeauty, we have the perfect rosacea treatments to reduce facial redness using the Lumenis M22 IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser treatment. The heat of this laser will generate pulses that can target the desired skin tissue to be treated. As a result, your body’s own defense system will then dispose of the damaged tissue and the tissue will regenerate itself. New collagen and elastic fibers can now be regrown. Consequently, there will be a visible improvement of your skin tone and a major reduction in facial redness.

A Papulopustular Skin Condition

A papulopustular skin condition is one that is composed of both papule and pustules. This would include such conditions as Papulopustular Rosacea and Papulopustular Acne. As for treatment, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) has proven effective with these types of skin conditions. IPL is non-invasive and activates a response in the skin that effectively treats both rosacea and acne.

IPL Laser Treatment for Broken Capillaries

The Lumenis M22 IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) laser treatment is also well suited to treat broken capillaries which are small blood vessels connecting the arteries to the veins. These facial capillaries are usually found around the nose area and on the cheeks. At IGBeauty, we tailor the treatment for each individual client so we can address your specific needs varying from heavy varicose veins to very small capillaries. Our targeted rosacea vain treatments use a modern form of a laser that can generate heat inside the blood vessels. This heat generation will result in closing of the walls of the veins and thus make the veins disintegrate. This innovative laser technology is very precise and only targets a specific skin area leaving the rest of the skin untouched.

Pairing Rosacea Treatments with Peels

After undergoing the rosacea treatments to reduce facial redness we recommend to our patients to undergo facial peels in between treatments to maintain their excellent skin rejuvenation results. Peels are skin treatments that use a variety of abrasive or chemical exfoliating solutions, which are applied to the skin. They are designed to remove dead skin layers and aid the skin to regenerate itself and form new skin cells. As a result they reduce the appearance of many skin imperfections. They even out your skin tone and texture, aid in the reduction of pores and help to minimize the appearance of blemishes. Peels also help the body stimulate oil production thus making your skin feel and look much healthier. These treatments are perfect addition to the rosacea laser treatments and will ensure that you keep your skin looking young and healthy for many years to come.

Minimize rosacea symptoms with treatments at IGBeauty

Our rosacea treatments to reduce facial redness and restore broken capillaries are fast, effective and non-invasive. They offer beautiful results with very little downtime. Our team of IGBeauty professionals will work with you to customize the perfect treatment to suit your unique situation. Book rosacea treatments that fit into your busy schedule here or call us at 416-484-4884.

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