How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

May 15, 2016

Are you on the fence, thinking about getting laser hair removal? Are you about to have your first laser session? Or have you had laser treatments before, and are thinking of continuing your treatments? No matter where you are in the process of considering or experiencing laser hair removal, prepping your skin is incredibly crucial. It will help you get the best results from your sessions. Here are our top three tips on how you can prepare your skin to get the best results from laser hair removal treatments.

Our first, and probably most important tip for skin prep, is to not wax or pluck the area you are getting treated anywhere between three to four weeks before any session. This will ensure that the laser can easily target your hair during your sessions, leaving no pesky hairs behind. An element that you can’t control is how dark your hair is. Typically, dark hair and light skin is the best scenario for laser treatments. What you can control, is that after you wax or pluck an area, if you wait a significant amount of time afterwards, your hair will be at its darkest. It is okay to shave a few days before your treatments if you absolutely need to, but be sure to have some stubble available for your sessions. Essentially, the darker the hair, the easier it will be to target and remove.

Our second go-to tip is to keep your skin protected before, during, and after your laser hair removal sessions. This tip is helpful because your skin can become quite sensitive to the sun after your treatments. You do not want to be exposed to UV rays immediately before or after your treatments. We also recommend that you do not self-tan before your sessions. This goes hand in hand with our first skin prep tip, as we want the hair to be the darkest, and your skin to be the lightest for optimal results.

Our third, and final tip, is to avoid using deodorant or moisturizer the day of your laser hair removal sessions. This is because you don’t want anything coming between your hair and the laser. A blank canvas works best for these treatments. After treatments, it is okay to moisturize and use deodorant. We even recommend to our clients that they should gently cleanse and exfoliate their treated areas daily in order assist in the removal of the root of the hair.

These three tips are the most critical (and easy) ways to prepare yourself for laser hair removal treatments. If you’re beginning to look into laser treatments, or even on your way out of your last session, consider these three tips to get optimal results. Skin prep before and even after sessions will ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck! If you’re looking for a salon to provide you with the best laser hair removal results, contact IGBeauty by phone at 647-764-7490, or visit our website at to see what services we can offer you.

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