Who Is Predisposed To Cellulite And What Can You Do About It

February 28, 2017

The dreaded word that we all want to avoid: Cellulite. Cellulite sounds scarier than it is but it affects a large percentage of the population. Cellulite is more common amongst women than men and although many associate cellulite with being overweight, it frequently affects people of all bodyweights, shapes, and sizes.   

Cellulite is perceived as something harmful but that is a common misconception. The causes behind cellulite are important to understand in hopes of finding out a suitable solution to deal with it. Essentially cellulite is regular harmless fat accumulating under the skin. When it accumulates in certain areas it pushes against connective tissues of your body causing the bumpy appearance associated with cellulite. The bottom line is that cellulite is not harmful but many people would like to get rid of it strictly for aesthetic reasons and that’s understandable. What are some of the factors that increase the likelihood of being affected by cellulite?

A prime factor that must be considered is any family history of cellulite. Like many things in life hereditary traits are very influential. Any history of endocrine metabolic syndromes affecting family may predispose you to cellulite. Another important factor to consider is common nutritional deficiencies that impact a large amount of the population.

Your body structure may also make you vulnerable to cellulite. Depending on your spinal structure and postural considerations it may be easier for fat to be stored against connective tissue causing the visible cellulite.

Excessive intake of hormonal impacting substances is a major risk factor for cellulite as well. Birth control and food preservatives are major culprits in this regard. Hormonal dysfunction is underestimated in its impact of cellulite but the reality is even a small change can disrupt your bodies balance.

Although being overweight or not is not a given when it comes to cellulite the fact is that eating habits do influence your body’s production of cellulite. Excess consumption of sugar and fat are sure to be culprits as well as the eating of any hormonally disruptive foods. Our eating habits definitely shape the way our bodies deal with these issues. Finally, our lifestyle choices are a secondary factor that directly impact the production of cellulite. The wearing of tight clothing, sedentary lifestyles and excessive smoking have all been identified as factors that can make one prone to cellulite.

With cellulite being such a prevalent problem today what can we do to treat it? There are many options available that can help with the elimination of cellulite. There are specially formulated cellulite creams, liposuction, massage therapy, spa therapy and laser therapy. It all depends on your body and what treatment best suits your condition. Contact our beauty and health experts today at IG Beauty for a consultation on how to best proceed with treating and preventing cellulite. Give us a call today at (416) 484-4884 and get rid of cellulite on your body, to deliver smooth, even skin where you want it most.  

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