Permanent Hair Reduction

November 17, 2015

Has the thought “there must be a better way” ever crossed your mind when you’ve been in the midst of shaving, waxing or threading unwanted body hairs? Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve narrowed it down and found the most effective permanent hair reduction remedy – the Lightsheer DUET hair removal system. Now that I have introduced you to the latest product in the industry offering the best laser hair removal in Toronto, let’s look into what the Lightsheer DUET is and how can it offer permanent and safe hair reduction.

New Laser Hair Removal Machines

The Lightsheer DUET has the most up to date software for laser hair removal. It offers comfortability, safety and reliability. Due to the recent upgrades in the permanent hair reduction product, the Lightsheer is a laser hair removal machine that can tackle larger areas on the body all at once, speeding up the actual permanent hair reduction process. The Lightsheer DUET also offers the ability to focus on smaller areas, like on the face. The benefit to this permanent hair reduction product is that there is no area too big or too small to focus on.

The Lightsheer DUET offers permanent hair reduction access to all parts of the body such as; arms, legs, chest, back, face, underarms and more. The product targets dark haired follicles on the body tissue, stretches the skin (gently, so much so you can barely feel it) and pulls the hair follicles closer to the skin surface. This then pulls the hair out of its root, effectively reducing the chances of another hair follicle from growing again in its place.

Most people start to see permanent hair reduction results in about three to five treatments, but it really depends on the person. These types of permanent hair reduction products tend to work best on people with lighter skin and dark hair follicles, as it is easiest for the laser hair removal machine to identify the dark hairs when operating. It is also easiest for the machines to identify the hair follicles when they are first growing back.

It is recommended that before your appointment, you should not wax or tweeze for two weeks beforehand. You shouldn’t self tan or go tanning two weeks before the treatment session either.

Benefits of Lightsheer DUET Laser Hair Removal Machine

Some other benefits of permanent hair reduction through a product such as Lightsheer DUET is its ability to firm and smooth skin. It also minimizes the size of pores on your face and body. To add even more benefits to this permanent hair reduction process, there are times that the process has reversed sun damage on the skin.

There are so many benefits to permanent hair reduction products such as the Lightsheer DUET. There is an amazing beauty bar called IGBeauty located in Toronto that offers the most up to date, professional and safe permanent hair reduction treatments, and even better, they use the Lightsheer DUET machine. Don’t waste your time tweezing, shaving or waxing again. Remove your hair permanently so you don’t need to think about hair removal in the years to come.

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