Looking For the Perfect Christmas Gift For Mom? Choose From Our Variety of Anti-Aging Treatments

December 16, 2016

There is no one that deserves a sign of love and appreciation more than your mom. She’s been there for you through thick and thin, has been your shoulder to lean on, confidant, and biggest supporter. There is no better time than the holidays to show her love and appreciation. Some of our most requested services for moms are anti-aging treatments. We offer various types of anti-aging treatments in order to ensure our clients get the best results possible for their unique skin conditions. Let’s discuss what we have to offer, and what you should be getting for your mom’s Christmas gift.

A classic gift that mom will love is our anti-aging facial. Our anti-aging facial is an effective treatment for all skin types. The duration is 60-80 minutes, and it works to eliminate the look of fine lines and wrinkles, while restoring radiance to the skin. After the treatment, clients notice a significant improvement to the texture of their skin, and will notice a dramatic lifting effect. They will walk out with younger, smoother looking skin. 

Another great treatment that mom will love this Christmas is our Collagen Induction Therapy. This treatment tightens your skin and stimulates collages production to make your skin look radiant and youthful. It works on all skin types and is super effective in delivering anti-aging results. First, we apply a topical treatment to the skin, and then use a device with short and thin needs to lightly puncture the skin. Through this process, the skin produces new and healthy cells, which rejuvenates the look of the skin, reduces the appearance of scarring, wrinkles, and fine lines, while also reducing the size of pores.  When the procedure is completed, we apply another cream to soothe the skin. The treatment takes 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the area being treated, and results can typically be seen within two to six weeks.

Lastly, we know that all moms love jet peels. Jet peels are completely natural treatments that dramatically improve the look and feel of your skin. Through exfoliation, dead layers of cells are removed, and moisturizing jet streams and oxygen are infused. In one session, you’re receiving exfoliation, oxygen infusion, hydration, and micro-circulation. Jet Peels are great for those that have experienced acne, want to remove blackheads, decrease the size of pores, diminish the look of scarring or discolouration and signs of aging.

If you have further questions about which treatment is best for your mom, or simply want to get more information about our services, feel free to give us a call. Our skincare experts will help you ensure that you’re getting the best gift possible for your mom this Christmas. You can call us at 416-484-4884 or send us an email at Wishing you, your family, and friends a wonderful Christmas and holiday season, from your friends at IG Beauty! 

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