Deciding If a Non-Surgical Facelift Is The Right Approach

March 02, 2017

Throughout North America in particular, surgical facelifts have become an acceptable option for many men and women. The good news is that there are other, less invasive options to reversing the negative effects of aging. For anyone deciding on a non-surgical approach, it’s important to be realistic about what these procedures can accomplish. Does a non-surgical facelift make the skin look noticeably better? Will it tighten up the skin, resulting in a more youthful look? And finally, do the finished results look natural? Every question is important when deciding on a game plan.

There is no basis for comparing surgical and non-surgical results – the treatments are profoundly different and with different outcomes. What is clear is that surgical facelifts are radical (and quite expensive). For many, there is substantial fear associated with the procedure, not to mention the after effects of the surgery. Deciding on the non-surgical approach is largely about avoiding the accompanying pain of surgery, the lengthy recovery time, and the potential health risks. Clearly, non-surgical facelifts are a gentler approach to managing some of the negative effects of aging.

Non-surgical benefits

Non-surgical facelifts are non-invasive, yet they still provide excellent cosmetic results, without being exposed to the various downsides of surgery. The treatments offer far better outcomes in terms of recovery time and health risks.

Relative treatment pain

For the most part, a non-surgical facelift procedure does not involve any pain. At worst, there may be a need for a mild topical cream to numb a specific treatment area. But the essentiality of a non-invasive treatment is that it’s pain free.

Post treatment recovery

In most cases, a patient can go right back to work on the same day as the procedure. And while there may be some minor healing that has to take place after the treatment, there is no similarity to the lengthy recovery with cosmetic surgery.

Common risk issues

There are practically no health risks with a non-surgical facelift procedure. At most, there may be some minor bruising and swelling for some patients, and this will take a short time to heal. There is no risk of serious infection or side effects.

The procedure itself

A non-surgical treatment is usually quite quick, with one clinic visit, and without the need for any pre-preparation. From a cost perspective, the non-surgical approach is accessible to the average patient, and with no hidden added costs.

TriPollar non-surgical facelift

The TriLipo MED procedure delivers exceptional skin rejuvenation, along with tighter, smoother skin. Over the long-term, many patients report significant wrinkle reduction. With professional care, the treatments are safe, effective, and absolutely non-invasive. TriLipo MED doesn’t require any preparation, and there is practically no recovery time. Usually, patients return to the day’s routine immediately after the procedure. Uniquely different, TriLipo MED technology treats the three skin layers - epidermis, dermis, and muscle. In fact, by treating all of the three skin layers, this procedure delivers outstanding anti-aging results every time.

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