Myths About Laser Scar Removal

February 13, 2024

Many of us have collected scars, whether from an injury or surgery, over the years. Scars are a result of our bodies’ natural healing process. When trauma occurs,  fibrous tissues replace normal skin with different collagen levels, resulting in various pigments. You can eliminate these imperfections with laser scar removal. IGBeauty is a leading skin care clinic in Toronto that leverages advanced laser technology to help you achieve your perfect look. We strive for perfection in creating an outstanding experience. 

Many people are yet to realize the potential of laser scar removal services. The innovative procedure comes in various forms. There can be many misconceptions about beauty procedures and technologies, but with the guidance of trusted specialists at IGBeauty you can get reliable care.

Let’s debunk these myths about laser scar removal.

Myth 1: Laser scar removal is painful

Myths About Laser Scar RemovalContrary to popular belief, laser procedures are rarely painful. There may be some discomfort, but patients are often numb to the feeling when the procedure is done. Our cutting-edge technology at IGBeauty works to minimize any kind of sensation of the laser. Patients and technicians often compare laser scar removal to laser hair removal. We understand everyone has a different pain tolerance, so we offer numbing cream if you feel more comfortable. 

Myth 2: Laser scar removal is only for new scars

Even though we often see better results when a laser treats new scars, the laser still influences older scars. The effectiveness relies more on the severity of the scar, the individual’s skin type and tone, and the type of scar. Some may take multiple treatments to see noticeable results. It’s best to consult a professional before treatment to create an adequate treatment plan for the best results. 

Myth 3: Laser scar removal is only for specific skin types

Due to the many advances in modern technology, laser scar removal can treat individuals with all skin types. However, patients with lighter complexions may see better results as the laser detects the contrast in pigmentation where the scar is located. Individuals with a darker complexion are advised to go to experienced professionals for optimal results and avoid unnecessary side effects such as hyperpigmentation. A skin care clinic in Toronto, like IGBeauty, is a great place to find trained professionals. With a wide range of scar removal methods, like IPL or even microneedling, remove your scars with us. 

Myth 4: Laser scar removal is a one-time procedure

Frequently, laser procedures take multiple treatments to see the best results, though there may be slight results after the first treatment. Treatment plans vary per person. However, sessions are typically spaced over several weeks to months apart. Treatment plans depend on the individual and the state of the scar, as well as the type of laser being used. Some lasers demand more frequent visits. Once treatments are done, patients often return for maintenance appointments, though they are not always needed. 

These types of procedures never work overnight; therefore, it’s essential to be patient and have realistic expectations. It’s best to consult with a practitioner to see what to expect. 

Scar Removal with IGBeauty

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