Manzilian – The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men

September 14, 2018

These days, more and more men are choosing the Manzilian procedure as opposed to traditional hair removal techniques to enjoy all the benefits of laser hair removal for men. Similar to Brazilian laser hair removal for women, the Manzilian effectively and permanently removes hair around the pubic region. It doesn’t matter if you choose to remove unwanted hair due to aesthetic or personal hygiene reasons, the Manzilian procedure at IGBeauty is far more lasting in comparison to shaving, trimming, or waxing. Unlike the usual hair removal techniques, the beam of the laser light targets the hair follicle, impeding any future growth. However, due to the fact that different hairs grow at different times, 5 to 7 procedures are required for optimal long-lasting results.

At IGBeauty, we offer laser hair removal services for all parts of men’s bodies, not just the pubic region. If you want to minimize or completely get rid of the hair on your underarms, back, chest, arms, legs, or buttocks, specialists at IGBeauty can help you to look and feel your best.

Personal Hygiene is One of the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men

Manzilian - Laser Hair Removal for Men

Having excessive body hair doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t clean or hygienic, but it could definitely cause irritation and unpleasant feelings. Especially during the summer months, increased heat and sweat can cause itchiness and irritation in the pubic area or underarms. Increased sweating could also mean an environment more suitable for bacteria growth. Combined with razor cuts, the bacteria can cause further irritation and inflammation.

Of course, one could try shaving the undesired hair. However, every man knows that shaving simply makes the body hair grow back, even coarser and thicker than before. One of the benefits of laser hair removal for men is that the laser beam targets the hair follicle and disables the reproductive cycle of the hair. This means that you won’t have to worry about “business”, excessive sweating, or irritation ever again.

Even when it comes to facial hair or neck, the laser is the only way to treat ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs could grow in all directions, resulting in red inflamed bumps appearing around hair follicles, which could even leave permanent scars.  In order to avoid this, consider laser hair removal for men, and forget about all your shaving and waxing problems for good.

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Laser Hair Removal is a Miracle Worker for Men with Excessive Body Hair

Laser hair removal is the perfect solution for men who are not comfortable with excessive hair not only in the pubic area, but also on their chest, back, stomach, or buttocks. If you are afraid that laser hair removal will make you look like a hairless model - don’t worry, the amount of hair permanently removed can be adjusted according to your wishes. Many men actually treat their chest not because they wish to completely get rid of their hair, but rather because they want to thin it out and make it finer and sparser.

The unspoken truth is that many men have really hairy butts! Shaving buttocks could be difficult unless you are super flexible, and the contrast form a rather hairless back to “bushy” cheeks can make men uncomfortable. Here, the laser hair removal comes to the rescue, providing the permanent solution to the issue.

For some men, excessive hair on the forearms can make them feel uncomfortable wearing short-sleeved shirts or going to the beach or swimming pool. Forearms are way too often visible in everyday life, and many men find that thick hair coverage ruins the aesthetic look. Luckily, among the benefits of laser hair removal for men, the procedure increases confidence in men and lets them look great in any shirt.

Laser Hair Removal is Great for Male Athletes

Male athletes often choose to enjoy all the benefits of laser hair removal for men. For example, for professional bodybuilders, any visible hair on their bodies is highly undesirable, since it decreases the muscle definition. At bodybuilding competitions, the overall aesthetics of the athlete also plays an important part, and excessive hair cover ruins the look. Thanks to laser hair removal services at IGBeauty, any bodybuilder has nothing to worry about.

Many cyclists choose to do laser hair removal for their lower bodies and legs as well. When combined with sweat, tight outfits, and long time spent in the saddle, a lot of body hair can cause chafing and irritation. Thinning out or completely removing the hair also makes it easier to put on the compression tights. Furthermore, after the laser hair removal, the individual hairs don’t get coughed or tugged during the massage, making frequent massages easy and pain-free.

Plenty of swimmers opt for laser hair removal as well. If having less body hair can save the swimmer even one-tenth of a second, it could help them break the record!

If you think about the benefits of laser hair removal for men, especially athletes, the most obvious one is the reduced grooming time. With a busy schedule filled with races and competitions, getting permanent hair removal saves the preparation time for athletes and reduces any risk of cuts getting infected in a swimming pool or a locker room.

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At IGBeauty Studio, we use the latest laser technologies, which are FDA approved in the USA and approved by Health Canada. In fact, we even have an experienced in-house specialist for Manzilian and Brazilian hair removal procedures. With laser hair removal for any part of the body, 5 to 7 treatments are all that you need for clean, fresh, hair-free look. The best part is that the procedure is fast, completely pain-free, and the result is permanent.

If you are tired of battling the unwanted body hair and want to finally enjoy all the benefits of laser hair removal for men, contact IGBeauty to book your appointment today. Email us at or call 416-484-4884.

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