How to Make the Most of Your Laser Hair Removal Treatments

September 20, 2016

In order to make the most out of your laser hair removal treatments, it is important to maintain your skin and the area that you’ve treated with laser hair removal. While laser hair removal is a great step in removing and reducing the amount of unwanted hair you have on your body, it is the steps between treatments that can make a major difference in your results.

At IGBeauty, we recommend to all of our clients who are undergoing laser hair removal to ensure that they come back in a timely manner. This is because the longer time between your appointments, the less effective the laser hair removal becomes. We suggest coming in every four to eight weeks for your laser hair removal appointments. This will ensure that your hair has grown back enough and is thick enough for the laser hair removal machine to pick up and destroy unwanted hair follicles.

We also suggest that our clients come in for four or more sessions. One session may look like it did its job, however, if you want the hair follicle to not grow back, coming in repetitively will ensure that it doesn’t. What may take four sessions for you may take 10 sessions for another person, all skin and hair types are different, therefore each case is individual and not like the next.

Additionally, we recommend to our clients that in between appointments, you exfoliate the skin and area that was treated. This will help ensure the removal of the dead hair follicle that was targeted by the laser hair removal machine. The more you exfoliate, the easier it will be for the hair follicle to fall out and not grow back.

Do not pluck or wax after the treatment. Shaving is fine, as it does not remove the full hair follicle from the root, however, pulling or tugging the hair out of the skin will not be effective when you go in for your next laser hair removal session. At IGBeauty, we also recommend that you do not wax or pluck any hair before your first session, as you will have to wait for the full hair to grow back before the laser hair removal system can go in and target it.

Finally, we suggest that you do not go tanning either before or after any treatment. This is because your skin can become super sensitive to UV rays, giving you the possibility of getting burnt because the skin around your treated area will be vulnerable. Do not use self tanner or fake tanner before your appointment, as it will impede on the pigment of your skin, making it harder for the laser to effectively target and remove the hair follicle. The best skin situation for laser hair removal is when the hair you are targeting is darker than the skin around it, make it easier to for the laser hair removal system to find and destroy.

If you have never had laser hair removal before, or are starting it again, feel free to call us for regarding the processes. You can speak to a skin care professional at our studio at 416-484-4884, or visit our website, for more information.

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