Laser Hair Removal for Men is a Great Christmas Present

December 22, 2016

Sometimes men can be the hardest ones to choose a gift for. You’ve done socks, sports equipment, and tickets to concerts or sporting events. But are those things they really need? Oftentimes, women are quick to take care of their skin and book the treatments that help them most. Men can sometimes do this less frequently, and may need help choosing treatments that work for them. Our laser hair removal treatments for men are becoming increasingly popular. Here’s why they can make a great Christmas Present.

Laser hair removal treatments for men are most commonly treating the chest, neck, face, back, bikini, legs or buttocks. Once they try laser hair removal, they typically note how much less painful it is than other methods of hair removal like waxing. What better gift can you give someone than less physical pain?

One of the best types of gifts are the ones that you never knew you needed, but make all the difference. Many men aren’t aware of all the hair removal treatments available to them, and get stuck with shaving knicks or wax burn. They can spend hundreds of dollars on hair removal only to have it come back again in a few days. What’s amazing about laser hair removal, is that through a proper number of treatment sessions, the hair removal results will actually be permanent.

Laser hair removal works by using a light-based technology that’s relatively painless. It almost feels like an elastic band snapped on your skin. The laser emits light towards hair follicles, and removes them from their source.  Surrounding skin is not damaged.

Typically, the larger the area that’s being treated, the higher the price for the treatment. We also have packages available that offer significant savings on treatments. The treatments work best on men with lighter skin and darker hair. Your IG Beauty skincare expert will indicate if the treatment will be effective, and the proper regimen for preparing the skin being treated before the treatment, and taking care of it after the treatment. Generally, 5-7 treatments are required at 6-8 week intervals to achieve permanent results.

There’s nothing worse than the paper-cut like pain of shaving nicks and cuts. Waxing can be painful, and is typically quite expensive for a temporary treatment. Give the gift of permanent hair removal to the men in your life that would enjoy this service most.

If you have any questions regarding which laser hair removal treatments would be best for the man that will be receiving them, or if you’d like to purchase gift certificates so that they he can choose whatever treatment area he’d like, both options are available to you. Whether he’s been asking for it, or whether you know he’ll love it, laser hair removal for men is becoming an increasingly popular Christmas gift. For more information give us a call at (416) 484-4884 or send us an email at

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